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  1. It's a generic VFC "low profile" one.
  2. Here's mine, already have some surgery idea, mainly cutting off the TM's muzzle and replacing it (somehow) with a VFC steel one that comes with a threaded section, can't use this handguard with suppressors with tri-lug alone or even the adapter that comes with it, and the SureFire A17 adapter is a unicorn. Impression so far... it's hefty, similar weight to the WE one, has extremely positive selector clicks, recoil feels snappier than the other NGRS I have tried, real handguard was a drop in, and in this configuration, with some persuading and 3D tetrising, it is able to take a 7.4v 1450mah nun
  3. Made a bare minimal tracer unit housing for this, I believe the internal unit is the 5KU compact muzzle flash tracer unit. A quick little video showing some gameplay using this thing, as a proof of concept this definitely works, will take some getting used to for it to feel as natural as whatever one is used to normally, but it makes you a very small target especially when quickly going through narrow spaces.
  4. Please put one of those underfold dong grip on as well...
  5. Any chance for a shooting video / mag dump with the V3 kit?
  6. Got the short mag and Reptilia 1.93 mount replica.
  7. This video (timestamped if I did it right) confirms something I was struggling to find out. The magazine cutoff is "temporary", so the second you remove the mag after it's empty, your gun will shoot again, and there's no procedure to reactivate after a fresh mag is put in like racking the bolt. Bit of a shame, but still better than no cutoff.
  8. I watched that video a few more times and as it turns out, there's no muzzle device, what I thought was some sort of flash hider was just his torch but at certain angles, looks like the muzzle. So he's actually doing it pretty much like mine. His shooting position in your particular screenshot kinda helps given one of the finger is wrapping around the optics mount to index your hand position, but yeah, I'd definitely make something to protect my hand if this was a firearm instead of airsoft, and if I shoot myself in the hand next week, I may make something for the airsoft version too lol
  9. Also TM's materials are gonna be way off compared to LCT or Real Sword... why can't someone just get it right all around lol
  10. This got me curious enough to look up... There's this and this which both say they are in stock, but it will be a real franken build. I'm also curious about NGRS AK-47, there's no reason for that to be the correct length but very little is known about that platform given the nicheness of model 47.
  11. I have nothing against P90s, in fact I have the GBB one and will be buying the Krytac one too It's not every day we see entirely new and bizarre shooting concepts that looks viable so just keeping an open mind, and one can't know if anything works until actually trying it in a game.
  12. I'll try to capture some footage at a CQB game next week if all goes well and see how it works. Footage might look weird though given the unusual gun position from a head cam.
  13. Real sword AK receivers have the right length iirc, apparently as does the new AKM GBBR by TM. That's the only two I can think of, LCT/GHK all have the wrong receiver length so you're not going to be able to fit the top cover without doing what @GRIM! had to do with his GHK build, moving the latch point forward creating a visible "tail".
  14. Not sure how many of us have seen the recent Forgotten Weapons video where Ian tries out a bizarre cheek pistol technique, it's made up by this guy who runs a YouTube channel called Demonstrated Concepts. Here's a video.. demonstrating the concept. After quickly throwing some stuff together with an MP7, I pretty much decided this is extremely good for airsoft especially in CQB, I can go through a doorway sideways without moving the gun or adjusting my aim, and the entire time I'd still be looking through the optics. I can switch "shoulder/face" to peek tight corners without swi
  15. Came up with a little multi purpose adaptor for @PureSilver's AUG with FG-Airsoft A2 rail, thought I'd make a post before it's returned to him. The adaptor takes the classic Surefire millenium series directly with 10-32 UNF screws, and by switching the screws to a pair of countersunk M4s and have it go in from the other side, it will then take a picatinny rail for other lights.
  16. Here's hoping to all metal airsoft pistols in the future to not have internal BBU housing to maximise volume / recoil..
  17. ... Thanks NonEx for the science but I mentioned it a few posts back lmao
  18. There's a stupid lip near the muzzle end so when you try to put the barrel in, the tip of the inner stopped by that, what I ended up doing was using a pin punch of similar diameter to a BB, putting it into the front of the inner while trying to fit it in, and kinda guiding it to avoid the lip that catches the inner. Shameless plug
  19. GHK Draco with MCX stock and Sig TI 7.62 QD suppressor, the poor man's rich man's MCX 300BLK rattler..
  20. 4uad is easily my favourite airsoft channel right now, their video on the GHK M4 was amazing too. This is definitely the classic case of can't please everyone, I agree with you about the 130g mag, odd choice and probably took work to get it so light, usually GBB mags are too heavy, rarely too light, a real one is about 80g empty and 290g loaded, will have to experiment with how to increase the weight a little if the whole gun comes underweight.
  21. http://www.papagoarms.com.tw/Product/Detail/3421?fbclid=IwAR27xqwM5yA6iVXBUCYuAtrswaZMJNX94SvIf1A6PQ2hHn-gvZ3ILFcFjIw For a lot of good quality close ups and some comparison with a Guarder'ed TM build.
  22. MGS2 Beretta, cover art version, cheapo trigger guard laser with a 3D printed shroud to make it look more like the cover art one, probably still too small.
  23. I think another reason for them not bothering with these QOL feature is because regardless if they do it, they are still gonna be sold out everywhere with a huge queue behind the next batch for products like this, the AKM GBBR is already sold out in HK, pre-order for the NGRS MP5 is filled, until the competition actually affect their sales, they probably don't need to worry about "copying" features of others but keep doing what they have been doing well. That's not to say they are perfect of course, I really do wish they would look at the competition and learn from them instead of starting fro
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