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    A few things really, just got into Airsofting October 05, was teh best thing ever. Fav band the now is Live, amoung others like Googoo Dolls and the like.
  1. whats the gun like shooting etc, really interested in getting one of these. What was the total cost getting it from Redwolf as well?
  2. Erm what's that over there... *YOINK...runs off with MP5 mags*
  3. My nice new ICS MP5 SD6, with ICS Low Mount and my ACOG and a mil force tactical mp5 sling, any one know how to fit it properly? I got 2 rings and a buckle left over Lighting is rubbish tho Still the sweetest gun I'v held really, not skirmished yet tho.
  4. Here's my contribution until I get my MP5 SD6 and Mk23 Socom, my old TM P90 sold to mongo last week, boy do i miss her
  5. Heres a bit of an update to my P90 however i am now selling fitted flash light and laser, looks and works pretty good.
  6. nice find Donnie, but just noticed the matchbox caravan there, lol iv got that toy, except its in a bit of a state tho *digs out good ole caravan*
  7. why does that look kinda cool from the front lol even although its useless i don't suppose you got that torch, lasers and mounts off ebay they look very familiar to me.. i got the same for a sweet price
  8. Haha well the sooner he tells us the sooner i can enroll in a uni to educate me and then train to do what he does for a living
  9. Here's my new toy that came today dam my shody cam pics HFC Special Forces M190 with comp, and dam does it have a bang and klink what it shoots!!
  10. I to was thinking of getting one lol, owell they look nice but maybe not for that price tho. im sure donnie will buy a few tho
  11. I demand more pics please cos that looks sweet, maybe a cuple that show teh full length of the gun? lookign good tho
  12. Nice paint job tho, the gun is well..different tho
  13. ishamy

    Armalite Pictures

    What M4 is that it looks sweet
  14. ishamy

    Armalite Pictures

    Ahh ok thanks for the info i will have to think this over a bit then. Any ideas on a good vendor located in the UK for CA, i don't fancy importing due to possible customs problems. I see wolf have them but they havent been in stock for sometime :s
  15. ishamy

    Armalite Pictures

    Hi just wondering on how yu like the ICS M4 RIS thinking of buying one. anyone else used them? searched abit but couldn't find alot about this particular model. Such thins as amount of metal compared to the CA etc, build and usage standards? Thanks
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