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  1. Any success from the US on getting one of these? Really want to pull the trigger on one but every site except KIC seems to be sold out.. Considering negotiating with them to sell to me. NonEx, love the realism on your RS project, I remember looking at your HK3P Glock 17 video and thinking the same.
  2. At my post from before, after searching for possible credibility to my statement of the VFC gas charger used in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I was able to find my same statement listed here (although I did find this myself): http://www.kastwayairsoft.com/Products/VFC...__DA-TD-01.aspx
  3. Surprised nobody found this one out before... I guess I discovered it or something. Mr. and Mrs. Smith... the flashbang is a replica VFC gas charger as seen here. i couldnt find a picture but its at the part where brad pitt goes in to capture the informant... theres a clear shot of it when hes sitting in the van. EDIT: there we go
  4. http://www.gp-web.com/en/products.php?cid=...&bid=WOC_AG looks to actually be a wa base according to the category name.
  5. Jdizzle, could you by chance link that ACOG of yours? That's the only one I've seem with the embossed-ish Trijicon trademark.
  6. My three carry knives: http://img355.imageshack.us/my.php?image=photo1py8.jpg ...And I don't even LIKE Smith & Wesson.
  7. Sexy. 20" iMac w/ 2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro Paired with my Logitech Z-4's, not only does it fit the look... it looks and SOUNDS awesome.
  8. @newhotness: You can get 'em at www.galls.com, but if I recall they're sorta expensive. @jayala: Try www.precisionairsoft.net, they MAY have it, but I can't check, bout to run out the door.
  9. Very nice SR-25, although I can't see how an ACOG suits it.
  10. Yep, gotta agree with everyone BSF.
  11. Alfer, please don't tell me it's a PTW, cause I'm looking for a nice gun without busting a nut coming up with the money to buy one
  12. Anybody know where I could find a J-Tech TC-2000 for sale? No preference of color, just needs to be in decent condition.
  13. Fresh out of the shop, and I apparently had an older-gen lower, and my upper wasn't compatible, along with the hop rubber that soaked up too much lube and the faulty nozzle. So um, it had its issues, but now she shoots beautifully, just need to dial in the hop and we're set. My only gripe is that Edgar from Team SD forgot to send it with the other pin, still shoots, but, annoying. Gotta get it from Alhambra, CA to Issaquah, WA along with the Hi-Capa I had him service.
  14. That's the most badass looking UZI I've ever seen, Joker.
  15. mmk. That makes a lot more sense than the guy on ASF who said that those were "stops" for live ammunition, which in other words means it was a bullet-stopper, which I found sorta hard to believe.
  16. Thanks a bunch. I've got my eye on the IR version, sounds cool. Another thing to ask for in my stocking
  17. Yep, I'm almost certain li-po's fit in the buffer tube.
  18. Very nice 104 uscmCorps, although the ejection port looks a bit funky at the bottom...
  19. In the first pic, what's the boxy-looking thing on the end of his AR. I've noticed them a lot, are they used for training? What are their purpose?
  20. Very nice Renegade, really diggin' that Glock. Is the GTL21 the tac light? Not too familiar with it. If so, how much would that run me to buy one? Either way, nice gun.
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