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  1. I had two Tanaka Browning HP a while back. Is the trigger connected to the hammer sear by a rocker lever in the slide? If so, that's a weak point to be watched. You break that, you have a dead pistol.
  2. That's probably just reflections. Dark areas are not in the same places between the photos.
  3. Focus! Focus! Please describe how the finish looks. Apparently the silver ones have speckled spray paint finish.
  4. Congrats on getting that AK! I always wanted an Escort RPK. Question for you. On the slow-mo video, the bolt stroke appears to be somewhat inconsistent. Have you noticed any FPS variation on full auto?
  5. Thanks for the lovely review! But some idea of accuracy/group spread please.
  6. Generally agree with snowman, but I'd like to throw my increasing weight around my citing my own experience. The TM metal components (trigger/sear lock works, safeties, etc) are horrible. My first GBB was TM M9 with a metal slide, and after about two years, the trigger and safety felt like mush due to parts wear. My second hand WA Colt CDP 1911 is even more hard used, and all the controls still feel great. BUT, a WA 6" Xcellerator Hybrid had less than perfectly casted frames and hybrid barrels. They were pitted in places and some of the edges were malformed. I don't think new
  7. Great review, and a great pack. I picked one up, and although it hasn't seen any airsoft action yet, I've taken it to Italy and Caribbean trips. It's just amazing how versatile it is, as well how much it holds. At one point, I've had two decent sized Italy tour books, passports, train tickets, pens, wife's make up stuff, phone, various coins and bills, and three apples. My wife was so amazed with the capacity that she stopped carrying her purse. One thing to note is that the asymetrical shoulder strap angle allows it to sit slightly behind you or in front of you, depen
  8. BigAl, where did you find that 3" Flatside? I've been looking for a replacement ever since I sold both of mine...
  9. It was originally a WA 1911 CDP (Shibuya Custom Works version), back from when SCW meant really limited production item. It's currently got a metal slide as well as black pearlite grips from gungrips.net. And after the photos were taken, I installed gold bead sights.
  10. I've used gungrips.net for my first project in line with DumboRAT's philosophy on Castor Troys. They photoetched back then, and it came out very nicely. But I had ordered another pair of grips with them recently, but they had changed to laser engraving. Not as nice... I'll see if I can post the new one soon.
  11. Ooooo... That's just the FTC AK, right? Not the Sheriff version? I haven't had first hand experience with the FTC AK, but I hear the internals are rather complicated and not as robust as other classic airsoft... If you need more info, go to www.classicairsoft.net. I'm sure the guys would be glad to be of help.
  12. That looks like an MGC Weigland/Caspian to me...
  13. Is that an original hybrid? I forgot the difference between the original version and the aftermarket part...
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