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  1. Is that gun rack home made? It looks professional
  2. Finally! The GL-06 is one of more gorgeous grenade launchers out there. Love the ump stock. Will definitely be looking into getting one
  3. UMGuy


    That is one of the best DPM pc's Ive seen
  4. Unless its a 3.25XI which means AWD and then applying chains to the front tires would be reasonable
  5. Very impressive. Where is a good place to get molle flecktarn pouches? I cannot seem to locate any
  6. What brand is the hatchet in the first picture?
  7. SMG Chicom, fits M1A1 and UMP mags perfectly. Cannot wait to test it in the field.
  8. What pouch is that? Im guessing you did it yourself? That looks like a great way to carry extra long mags
  9. What kind of rail is that? Is it the CA flip up sight one?
  10. http://zknives.com/knives/articles/law/caknifelaws.shtml Looks like any spring assisted are illegal, but folding are ok.
  11. AZN Kid, is that setup in ranger green or are my eyes deceiving me?
  12. ANyone know how to open up the CYMA/Cybergun drum mag for the Thompson? Or have a link to how to do it, thanks.
  13. Are the vest and pouches in Ranger green? Is that a GPS unit on your wrist? And your flag is facing the wrong way, other than that, the loadout looks good.
  14. How much was the Prime MBK and where did you get it? Love the look of that gun, I'll get some pics of mine up next chance I get.
  15. Arnies wasn't the only site hit, ASC and I believe ASB were also under attack from this bot.
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