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  1. June 2006 for me,still use the forums but I’ve never been much of a poster. Still playing though mainly historical Airsoft now.
  2. Good review,looked at these myself and I think you've just pushed me into buying one.
  3. Same story here,one order with them,half of it was missing on arrival.Eventually got a refund but won't use them again.
  4. axl

    Jay7 bought an M14 from me. Prompt payment, good communication, all over a hassle free transaction. Many thanks.

  5. Jay7

    Got an M14 from axl,very good to deal with.

  6. Hmmm,I wanted a Star\Ares L86 until I heard about the barrel movement. Was almost about to buy the ICS version after seeing and reading about its solidity and now it seems like it has the same problems as the Star...bugger
  7. Hmmm,might try a Madbull JP one instead. Go on then how did you fit the EGLM ? Hey no problem,I'm just tooooooo lazy to do it properly
  8. Nice job fella,what makes the the gas block?
  9. Normal crane batts fit in mine.
  10. Good review. I've A KA Troy myself and was wondering what Pmag you used in the pics and if it fits OK. Thanks
  11. Thanks for that EX,46" waist is plenty big.I've got my own "inbuilt" flotation pads at the moment
  12. Nice review. Good looking piece of kit and a damn sight cheaper than the LBT original. Rough idea of the maximum waist size and height ? Thanks.
  13. I've run my Star L85 in all weathers\seasons with no problems.
  14. Excellent review Do you think it would be possible to carry a pistol on the vest ?
  15. Mines coming up to its 1st birthday and I'm happy to say its had no problems whatsoever.Higly impressed with King Arms I must say.
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