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  1. Just a few from the sunday before last: Top row,second from the left. Im not actually waving at the camera man At the back again, carrying my M249 With the 249 on the right. Viral.
  2. If thats a CQB silencer i want to see the woodland one. Viral.
  3. Nope, never gets in the way and i can draw it just a little slower than a pistol from the position.Although you cant see from that picture i am actually quite tall so when i go to one knee it hangs 2-3 inches from the floor. Viral.
  4. TM M3 shorty in it's 'holster': Viral.
  5. The trigger guard is held in the right grenade pounch with the strap over the top, i can if i feel the need fit the top of the pouch ove the back. Viral.
  6. This has probably been answered many a time but I've searched and couldn't find anything, how long is an AK mag from point to point? Viral.
  7. From today's skirmish. That was a posed shot at the skirmish but the sky really was that blue. Viral.
  8. That 1911 is beautiful mate, how long did it take to do the slide? Viral. EDIT; forgot, can i have a parts list.
  9. Nice review,it would be good to get a be mp7 review up.Also Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs and Pork Scratchings are on there way to you now. Viral.
  10. Perverts the lot of you. My simple desktop: Viral.
  11. I'm just going to stick a tm hopup if i can,coupled with a tightbore should give a nice range and good accuracy. Viral.
  12. Is the rail removable? Because if it is then you could just replace it with a star one and stick the susat on. Viral.
  13. We love you fareast,is that thread a standard 14mm clockwise/counter. Viral.
  14. Yay my uber desktop of uberness,well maybe nto but what can you do.
  15. I got mine from airsoft scotland and its the newest model,It performs very well.The body is very well made with only very faint mold lines and doesn't creak at all.The gearbox is the same as the body being very well made and has very strong gears.The only gripe i've got is that its got a navy grip but i'm changing to a sef type sometime any way. Viral.
  16. From what i've seen its definitely as good as the other guns. Viral.
  17. My lovely JG mp5sd5. Full of mp5 goodness. And me full of terrorist goodness. Viral.
  18. May be abit over the top. Thxs Viral.
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