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  1. Hello again everyone. I've been away from airsoft for a long time, now I'm basically waiting for the virus to go away so I can play again. :)
  2. Never saw the San Jia or SY, but AFAIK they are all the same. Who the OEM might be is, as always, a mistery...
  3. I bet the guy who first posted the photo of that AK with a shovel handle is now thinking "I created a monster..."
  4. So far I'm ok with the power (within legal parameters right out of the box, yay!). Haven't skirmished it yet, looks like I'll use it on the first game of 2017. Doing a bit of target shooting at home, it's pretty accurate out of the box.
  5. Hello all. This is not a new gun, but it's one I have benn looking for for a long time, and it's finally here (Santa came early this year) So, here are my first impressions of my brand spanking new Winchester lever action. This airsoft gun has a long and weird history behind it. It's been available as "San Jia", then "SY", and "Bravo" in the US, now as A&K. Mine came in a A&K branded box, with same brand bag of 0.20g BBs. Some pics: Box [/url] more box It's a basic cardboard box with styrofoam inside cut to the shape of the carbine. Inside: A&K brand
  6. Had to bring this thread back to life, as I think you lot will like my new knife. Ka-bar Baconmaker folder. https://sgac1nopcommerce.blob.core.windows.net/nopcommercepics/0001060_adventure-baconmaker-folder-ka-bar.png (not my pic, phone is not helping today...)
  7. If you want the top of the line, give it a cerakote finish. You'll have to find someone to do it, and it's expensive, but it's worth it. Krylon is nice, but not very durable in my limited experience.
  8. If I use the "Image" button and paste the link there, the error appears, but if I just put the link in my reply it works. Thanks fo your patience.
  9. and right now it worked... and I don't know why...
  10. Sorry. I'm trying to upload two jpg images. First I hosted them with flickr and tried to use their "BBcode" link and got an error saying I didn't have permission then I tried it again, using tinypic as free hosting, with the same error I just tried again The error is "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm trying to post some pictures, and I get an error about not being allowed to use these extensions. Happens with my flickr account and using tinypic for hosting. Can you help?
  12. Like the other guys said: "Resistance is futile"...
  13. Just adding my 2c to this, after 4months of having my A4 I love the open front mags. Why? They are fantastically easy to fill compared to my 416, and G36 mags. Just pull the follower with my thumb and fill the mag with a normal loader.
  14. Beautiful. My WE g39c runs most of th year on Ultra and it's great. In winter, I get it running on Diablo or Nuprol 3.0 and that's it.
  15. Check out the Red Alliance forum. They have a very detailed howto on getting airsoft internals in RS AK mags. It involves some dremel/hacksaw work...
  16. These mags look very nice, and a lot easier to carry than the originals. Too bad I can't get the RS shells over here. Anyone knows, if the PMags in airsoft version will work for this and will they require much butchering?
  17. Thanks Sn00py. I already have a chest rig that will work with AK mags, thankfully. It's being used to house my WE G36 mags right now, also my favorite GBB right now.
  18. Reliability and cool down, basically. How long they will last before I have to invest in new parts, and how big a grin it'll put in my face when I dump a mag.
  19. Any further info on this GBBR? I'm seriously considering asking Santa for one of those...
  20. tquilha

    WE P226 R

    Bringing this thread back from the grave a bit. Just got my WE 226. Compared to my old KJW, I like the paint a lot better, and there is no rattle between the slide and frame. Got 3 mags, so far all of them gas tight. Action is nice and smooth, now I have to wait until my next skirmish.
  21. My first contribution to this thread: I Know the Dragunov isn't really an AK derivative, but...
  22. First issue is either mag or bolt catch problem. Double feeding may be a mag / bolt / hop-up problem. Try it out before you buy it, but for 225e, and with you being able to fix your old one from the parts, it's a win.
  23. Just got mine, right on time for last week's zombie game. It's a great gun, quite accurate, and the wobbly trigger "safety" just takes a little to get used to it. If anyone is interested in a skirmishable sidearm that isn't "mainstream" (not a glock, 1911, M9, whatever...) this one is it. Need to get some more mags, though...
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