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  1. I'm not sure on the current tread depth but I think it's decent so might be able to get away with just one perhaps. No replacements local to me so I'll need 3 days to get some. I think I'll wait until I know I won't need to drive for a few days and pull it out and assess the situation. Thanks for your advice.
  2. Boom still don't offer an encrypted connection which really bugs me.
  3. Old thread has been closed so time for a new one. What are people's thoughts on this? I was swapping my winter wheels over to summers (yeah, I know. A little late) and I noticed this piece of wire stuck in my tread. I tried putting some watery Fairy Liquid on it and no bubbles appeared. The tyre has lost 3 PSI over the 5 or so months it's been stored which is fairly normal I feel. I'm tempted to just pull it out but I'm reminded of the below. I'm thinking the best thing to do is take it to my tyre place, have them pull it out and if it is a puncture, they'll be able to plug it strai
  4. Nice. Two WA posts in a row. What is this 2005?
  5. Seems a tad excessive. Around $420 from HK shops.
  6. When I see reports of them breaking, people seem to just be getting parts from VFC. There doesn't seem to be much aftermarket support.
  7. At the very least, people that are wearing masks are reducing the chances of them spreading it.
  8. The latest ERG from TM is the AK Storm NGRS. 17/4/20 release The latest NGRS AEG from Tokyo Marui, the AK Storm NGRS, is set for release on the 17th of April... "The next-generation electric gun 'AK Storm', which is a modernized custom made Tokyo Marui Original take on AK47, reveaked! We have produced custom parts that improve operability, such as a short barrel that is easy to handle, a stock that can select the shape according to the situation, and a Magwell that is easy to change magazines, a mount base with a backup site, etc. are adopted in various places. Major features:
  9. If you ever want to get rid of that Mk23, shoot me a PM. I could be interested. The WA 1911 and KSC M93R perhaps too.
  10. Looks good man. I didn't even notice the joints when I first saw it and wondered how you managed a print that size.
  11. Interesting. I didn't know there was any similarities with KWC and WA.
  12. Moron ebay sellers. When you're looking for something new so you filter by new. "Only two months old, took it on holiday". Well it's not *fruitcage* new then is it you prat.
  13. Could you take the photos again? After you've pressure washed the patio
  14. The date is 2150. Someone brings a box of Cyberscum memorabilia to Antiques Roadshow. It is accidentally thrown in the bin.
  15. The issue is this stuff is not interesting. It is not noteworthy at all. Sure it was made. It's airsoft but that doesn't really give it any significance. This isn't even box art, it's paper packaging from blister packed nasty cheap springers licensed by one of the most despised companies in airsoft (Cyberscum). A company that pretty much every airsofter wants to go under as they're so absolutely despicable. All they've done here is bought a bunch of crappy Chinese springers, probably for $1 (if that) each and muscled their way in with their greasy licensing. And lets face it, the p
  16. I've got an old Twix bar wrapper in my coat pocket I can post if that interests anyone.
  17. I take it the current flooring is not in good condition then? Probably not if the current tenant has been there a while. Sometimes they'll leave carpet if it's in good condition. Flooring is not refitted for new tenancies as it would become an obligation to maintain which would soon get expensive with x thousand properties. Take a look at some carpet shops. They'll often have huge off cuts that can do entire rooms for pretty cheap. Look on the back wall of somewhere like Carpetright. Though you'll be able to haggle at small independent carpet shops. As for decorating, depen
  18. Looks like the Dacia Sandero comes with winders in the back still. It is only £8K I suppose.
  19. Are electric windows standard yet or can you still get new cars with winders?
  20. I'm sure there is at least one confirmed SAS photo of an MP5 with a DIY front grip knocking around somewhere, though I don't think it was a FAL grip.
  21. Perhaps their hand was forced due to the construction of the mag?
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