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  1. And my Spring-soft page for the more heavy airsoft related material.
  2. My TM springer with a few metal gbb parts added and s70 grips with the baby. Colt Junior WE gbb KY Airsoft trademark version with my home made grips. Next to make some 1911 grips.
  3. heroshark

    CZ Picture Thread

  4. Anyone else disappointed? I know your not gonna cut it in half but you could have at least badly photoshoped it into the hands of the hero on a classic early 80's action movie cover, make it a crude wooden presentation case coloured in with crayons. Or give it an alternative snappy name to jazz it up a bit.
  5. Some pics of my Full Metul Springer event. Basic gist is it was a low end springer only game.
  6. Since photobucket are now asking for $399 yearly subscription to enable me to embed pics on my post I thought I would try using the galleries . Anyway I tried it and it says I've reached my upload limit ,even after deleting the few old random attachments I had on here to make sure. Any help is much appreciated tia. Cheers .
  7. heroshark

    CZ Picture Thread

    Think asg Monopolize on the modern cz models. Tbf if you're just wanting one for replica valve it's ideal . Cheap as chips and well detailed for a springer.
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