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  1. boka, is the blur on the markings intentional? You should have them in sharp focus and make them pop more.
  2. Very nice color combo drake.
  3. Whoa that looks awesome. Great work for sure.
  4. No problem, might take a few days at least to set up, I'll PM you once I've tried it out.
  5. I'll put it back together after work today and take another pic.
  6. I have the TM (looks like you figures that out). My friend has the KSC though so I could get him to check if the under rail fits.
  7. Not so much silenced gun, more just silencer:
  8. Drake, that thing looks awesome. Im tres jealous!
  9. Never really looked at it compared to the gun from the film before. Will have to go and find a pic now to see. Edit: Just checked Equilibrium guns, looks like Barettas with a comp and extended frame with angled front to me? Arty edit:
  10. Haha, i have the rail for under the frame. Wishing I had that grenade launcher now! I dont even have a torch to attach!
  11. Got it in one! haha my friend has the Folding stock for the GBB M93R so I'll try and get hold of it for pictures. Now, what else can I stick on it to make it more ridiculous!
  12. Loving how chunky the frame looks in the pic above.
  13. Black is a freedom arts comp and frame and inner barrel. TM 5.1 with infinity slide and ungraded internals (cant remember what) Silver is TM 5.1, infinity slide all polish to match the grey grip. Also have the meat pounder front end for it, still need to finish stripping and polishing it up to match. Sorry I couldn't elaborate further, been so long since I built them it's hard to remember all the manufacturers of the parts.
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