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  1. After the server move the sarch engine is part of the update plan - before the move it had an upgrade to allow for three letter searches, and it will do again. Patience, my young padawans.
  2. How well would users compare the strength of the folding stock part with a TM G36c? It looks a little shiny in the pictures - is that just the flash or is it noticably cheaper quality plastic?
  3. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showforum=20
  4. Much as we'd like to claim so, we're not omniescient. When you see a problem, there is a report button that you can click to make us aware of it, but otherwise, it's entirely possible we don't see these repeat offenders. Well, no. We don't close threads just because we think an issue might be pointless, particulalry in this section. I certainly don't think it's a serious problem, however. It's very, very easy for a seller to counteract claims about HK prices becuase 99% of the time when you calculate shipping and duty the price works out about the same. Loo
  5. Sorry, was I writing in white? It's very, very easy for a seller to counteract claims about HK prices becuase 99% of the time when you calculate shipping and duty the price works out about the same. I'm sorry, but I really don't see a problem here.
  6. At which point the seller either drops his price or justifes himself by point out the costs with shipping. Look, the rules are very simple - If someone is spamming the thread, then the report button or a polite PM to the mod team will have the situation resolved in Jig time. What we don't want is the kind of draconian approach we have seen employed elsewhere where no-one is allowed to comment on sale threads apart from prospective buyers and the seller as that fosters a culture of overpricing and misleading decscriptions.
  7. I don't believe it was ever in our articles section - best bet would be to use the search function and filter by Hissing Sid's username.
  8. At the moment we're running at maximum capactiy for our current server, and no upgrade is physcaly achievable with our current provider. We have plans to move and any donations made will speed that goal, as best I understand. However, barring the 'arnaholic' tag/member group (which gets you a larger PM inbox and a couple of other little bonuses) I'm not aware of any plans to make a big deal out of whether people donate or not - it will remain entirely voluntary and we don't really want to foster feelings of elitism. This is under discussion ATM - at lest one new mod will be a
  9. The system already does track rep given. If you click on someones username whilst in the Rep display, you can see all the rep they've given out. Or, you can click on this link. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...ion&CODE=totals
  10. As above, it's a complete waste of time and bandwidth.
  11. No, no you won't. Such things are a function of the site. If you have a complaint, take it to Arnie, but it is not something that can or will be added or removed based on a poll of the userbase. Don't waste your time.
  12. Ghost_Rider


    http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...5682&hl=shotgun Yes there is.
  13. Yeah, just right click on the picture, select properties and look at the filename.
  14. If you encounter a user doing such, please use the report button to bring him to a moderators attention. Thanks.
  15. Under current UK law people aged under 16 can't be sold any knife, knife blade, razor blade, any axe, any other article which has a blade or which is pointed, or anything which is made or adapted for use for causing injury to people. There is however one exception to this. Knives, where the blade folds into the handle (like a Swiss Army Knife) aren't illegal so long as the blade is shorter than 3 inches (7.62cm) and does not lock. In relation to blades and knives the ONLY types that can be sold on here are: * multitools, so long as the blade is of the non-locking folding type and
  16. As above, you came across as agressive, demanding, and to be brutally honest rather rude. Saying you are 'just stating an opinion' does not change the fact that that opinion is offensive to others. We appreciate that yes, it IS frustrating when the site has it's slow periods and we do our best to minimise them, however the manner in which you voiced your dissent was not particuarly well thought through. In essence, it is like going up to the lady handing out free cans of coke and complaining that she is not giving you a 2 litre bottle.
  17. Oh god I hope not. Having looked over the previous post it was written when I was very tired. It may have come across as a little harsher than it should. The original posters tone was agressive and demanding. Forgive us if that come across as a little ungrateful and is taken ever so slightly personally. Thankyou, that's exactly right. Arnies is the BIGGEST english speaking forum for the sport on the web. We do our utmost to keep it free because we want it to be availiable to as many people as possible. However, everything costs. If it's a tradeoff between it
  18. It's a service you do not pay for, or indeed contribute to in any real fashion. Your logic is flawed because no-one is making you buy from the retailers. We do our best to keep the site ticking over, and frankly, s Marlowe says, threads like really do mke us wonder why we bother, considering if we didn't, you wouldn't have a site to look at in the first place...
  19. Having a 'dupe' account is based on more than IP adress alone. For exaple, myself and Hardcore_Mitsuko live together. We have the same IP, but it's blatently obvious we're not the same person. Put it this way - if the second account is used for trolling, then we'll be having words. So long as your brother conducts himself with decorum and follows the rules, I can't see a problem.
  20. Before you. The idea of DST was first put into practice by the German government during the First World War, between April 30, 1916 and October 1, 1916. Shortly afterward, the United Kingdom followed suit, first adopting it between May 21 and October 1, 1916. On June 17, 1917 Newfoundland became the first North American jurisdiction to adopt DST with the passing of the Daylight Saving Act of 1917
  21. Ah well, I'll find out when mine shows up
  22. The reason I seem to see people raving about the power is threefold; 1) It is WELL above the usual power level expected for the 'clone' market, which is usually well below the standard 280/300 fps. 2) Having a high power level means that various other bits will HAVE to be pre-upgraded to cope, so when you do drop in lower powered spring then you have little else to do. 3) There are a bunch of sites out there that allow bolties to 500fps, including one local to me. Wether they're on safe legal ground or not has been discussed to death, but the fact remains, these sites ex
  23. II'm not sure your figures are correct mate. After you do the maths, assuming you use standard airmail, the unscoped L96 comes in at £87 shipped. Even if you get stung with import duty and taxes, it's not likely to me more than £120. Add the cost of an m100 spring, which is all you need to change. - £10. Changing the spring is a matter of removing the bolt, undoing two screws, and swapping the springs out. Real easy. So thats £130 for a Sniper rifle that seems comparable to a stock VSR 10 by most accounts, and a VSR g-spec runs to £174, without shipping. Hardly 'teeterin
  24. Just as a caveat - if it's a real problem PM a moderator. Real problems include, for example, posting a picture of someone who then requests that picture's removal. Spelling errors or being a tit don't count.
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