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  1. My SL9 in 'assault' configuration.
  2. You can also 'archive' Pm's to your e-mail client and save them that way.
  3. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/reviewpost/...2/cat/30/page/1
  4. Originally, yes, the team forums were for both banter and orginisation - and in a sense, they still are. However, if the topic under discussion is not team related then it gets canned or moved. We've had teams creating discussion threads for current movies, for example, and they tend to get moved or merged pretty quickly. Spamming is spamming, wherever it takes place
  5. Dammit, I want one now. Think I'll get this instead of the 4.3....
  6. Hit the report button, and direct the poster to the rules page. It is actually in the forum rules that titles should be descriptive and accurate, so it's technically a rules breach, and will be dealt with accordingly.
  7. If you guys bothered to read the news pages.... Ivery music is also hosted on the same server as Arnies Airsoft. Whilst we are the fundamental crisis load on the server, it's obviously affecting other sites as well - which includes Iverymusic among others. It's just a server glitch. Go back to your lives.
  8. Ah well, the time off was nice while it lasted. Lets go to work, team. Thanks to ivery and the server ops for the time and effort put in to getting us back on an even keel.
  9. I got a laser on my spas 12. Got issues?
  10. How many times have you seen a copy be as good as the original?
  11. And how, precisely, do you suggest we do this? I mean, if you're volunteering to completly re-code the forum so you can only post pictures (here's a hint - it's not possible) go right ahead.
  12. Oh, ENOUGH. When the rep system was down, people complained. Now that it's back, people complain. Just accept the system for what it is - a harmless distraction, a number on the internet. If you're really that worried about it, I'd suggest you re-evaluate your priorities in life REALLY quickly. Thread closed.
  13. Ghost_Rider


    Unofficially, STS has existed since I was 17. Officialy....it's three months old - it's the freelance company I set up after I graduated with my degree in Technical Production - it makes doing freelance stuff for other companies easier on the paperwork.
  14. Ghost_Rider


    Silvertouch.technical.services@gmail.com Don't worry, I'll make sure she gets it
  15. Just because it's something that is in the vernacular doesn't mean it has to be tolerated. Using "gay" as a catch all term for something substandard is not acceptable. Or you could just go over to ASCUK theres no cencoring they use common sence and treat you like an adult, provided you dont ask stupid questions youl get on fine. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or disagree with anything the mods do, or run an event that isn't anything to do with ASCUK, or host your team forum on here, or.....the list goes on. At the end of the day, whilst this sounds very harsh, no one fo
  16. And to learn to use the search. This is in a PINNED thread, FFS.
  17. In addition: Who ever reposts any picture from here on another forum is legally in the wrong. Arnies Airsoft lays no claim of ownership on any picture or post content posted here, copyright & ownership remains with the original poster and posting it on Arniesairsoft.co.uk has no implied license granted to others for use. (Obviously the above does not apply to copywritten site graphics, but rather posts made by users ) Many individuals believe that everything on the internet is in public domain. It is not. Only works with an expired copyright, works created by (and possibly "
  18. This thread's kinda getting long in the tooth. Time for a new one!
  19. It's come to my attention that several members are taking pictures from this site and posting them on other boards for the sole purpose of ridicule - for example, Lightfighter Tactical Anti-stud, and the ARRSE "He must be a virgin" threads. I'm naming no names, but you know who you are. It stops. Now. Whilst I recognise that pictures will probably still find their way there as the board can be browsed by guests, if I find that an Arnies member is either posting said pictures, or partaking in such tearings down, then they will be BANNED from this site. This is meant to be a
  20. Problem has been brought to the IRC ops attention and should have been recitified now.
  21. Personally, I thought calling him a 'terrorist' all the time hammered home the point that it's a word used ALL THE TIME by current government as a reason for restricting personal freedom. "You must have new biometric ID's to help us stop terrorists" for example. Calling someone a 'terrorist' immediately implies a lack of moral scruples and attacks on innocents - NO ONE V kills is innocent throughout the entire movie.
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