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  1. How is it going my man. I just got back into airsoft following a hiatus. Hope to see you at Ft. Ord next month.

  2. returns to the world of airsoft.

  3. My fighting knife. Simple, brutal, effective. Just the way I like my weaponry.
  4. Lady Gaga, Poker Face, Lil Lewiz techno remix.
  5. Just got them and the training grenades today - haven't had time for a field trial yet. However, in the past, I have had three large utility pouches on the front of my Wasatch and didn't find them much of a both when maneuvering.
  6. New Pelican 1720 case, home to part of my desert kit.
  7. Another Eagle Industries chest rig, this time the Universal version. Mine has a holster and magazine pouch attached to the side MOLLE panels.
  8. It began life as a TM M733, but that has since changed. I finally got hold of a CAR-15 rubber-coated aluminum stock for it, and that's what you see in the picture. There's more to it than meets the eye. The internals have been revamped to suit my needs. The light is a Surefire G2 Nitrolon. I used a combination of G&G's barrel clamp mount and a 25 mm scope ring for installation. I'm quite satisfied with the setup - the only thing to add in the near future would be a pressure switch taped to the foregrip.
  9. My VFC MOE carbine, in a similar setup.
  10. Two better quality pictures of my painted custom Armalite.
  11. Some higher quality pictures of my custom Armalites. Enjoy.
  12. I have two of these, with a third on the way. There's a reason I use them exclusively - they are effective, robust, and inexpensive. The first one I acquired has been in use for more than a year, seeing everything from heavy rain, mud, sand, and impact. Add a rubber armor shell and a killflash and the thing will be nigh indestructible.
  13. What do you mean by "reference"?
  14. I second the KA notion. Their new ARs are nice - good externals, reliable internals, and relatively low prices.
  15. And by the way, my grip is not UTG. It's Guarder.
  16. And what foregrip doesn't at least somewhat resemble phallic devices? I might respray it to match the rest of the carbine.
  17. LOL I didn't mean that I was going to pay $300 for just the case... It would have included the case, a spare set of foams, and shipping+taxes. But nonetheless I thank you for the link.
  18. What's wrong with the foregrip? Aside from the color, I really like that grip, as it is really comfortable.
  19. LOL I was actually expecting a hard case, as with the VFC SCAR line. The box served its purpose and kept my weapon safe during transit. Once I get $300... Pelican here I come.
  20. Magpul goods are comfortable. I like them.
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