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  1. Picture of my team. I'm in the middle. Guy on the left hung out with us all weekend and will possibly join us in the future.
  2. Haha, cheers fella! It's the grey that does the trick I guess 🎅
  3. My budget Mk18 build for my MARSOC 2012ish kit is about 90% done. I need to replace the sling with a real VTAC one and switch the optic to a 553.
  4. Really like the look of the weathered paintjobs. Great work. Especially the armours look amazing
  5. There was a pair on eBay last week...and they weren't cheap
  6. Not really a multicam fanboy, but those Vans look rather nice
  7. Only ones I've seen were BDU cut. I am not exactly an expert on all matters ABU though.
  8. Jealous of all that FJ kit you have. Wish I could warrant starting up an FJ impression. If only there was an affordable FG42 replica...
  9. Different batches of Cordura will have slight colour variations anyway. Don't worry about it too much.
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