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  1. "Why do you have a shotgun on a silenced assault rifle?" "Because *fruitcage* you right in the face, that's why."
  2. Ahh that's awesome news; I've watched the installation video on Samson's website and it all looks very simple, I just hope the KWA barrel nut is close enough for it all to fit. Still, it's nice to know there's an easily available barrel nut I can replace it with if the KWA one won't go. Really impressed with Samson's attitude, it's nice to find a US company with a 'Thanks for your business' attitude as opposed to the usual '*fruitcage* off, ITAR' types!
  3. Every time I read about a law regarding Airsoft with a positive effect it makes me smile; Glad to hear the good news! And nice guns man, really like the colour of the 727.
  4. Well I've just ordered the 9" Samson EVO II (Several points for Samson's Customer Service, so far they've been awesome) - I'm gonna try it out on the stock LM4 nut, and if it's a no-go I'll just have to get the upper re-cut for an R/S one and get one of those on order; I'll check out the install link and try and go for the same brand nut - I figure if it's good on a VTAC it should be fine on the Samson. I have a feeling CKinnerley recently bought the re-threading tool; I'm not 100% sure but I seem to remember him mentioning it. Might be worth asking him nicely, possibly with a brib
  5. It should do! Very happy with it, easily zeroed and couldn't ask for more really. Strangely the green seems to be slightly brighter than the red - Not that I mind, I prefer the green reticle to the red anyway - Either way, definitely the best £40 I've spent in a while!
  6. Will somebody PLEASE make some nice receivers for the LM4 already. Seriously.

    1. hwagan


      I've heard a few rumours about the KSC M4, but that's not much good for the KWA... Friggin' BATF.


      And I'm looking forward to the MEGA as well; It'll definitely be a step up from the standard one, receiver wise at least. It'd be nice if they did an ambi receiver 'n all.

    2. PureSilver


      The LM4 isn't ambidextrous? D'you mean the magazine release or the fire selector?

    3. hwagan


      The standard LM4 isn't, although there's an ambi selector available and you can get an ambi mag release on it; However, Mega Arms do an extremely nice lower with full ambi controls, including mag catch and bolt release. It'd be awesome if KWA decide to replicate it, although I imagine they'll go with the standard lower.

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  7. I've heard that about a few different RS rails; So the stock KWA/KSC LM4 barrel nut is off-spec somehow then? If that is the case I'll just order a real steel nut and get the threads re-cut. I do like the VTAC rail, but I prefer the look of the Samson so the plan is to go for a 9" one of those.
  8. I'm guessing yours is RS, going on the gas block setup? I'm planning on getting rid of the Madbull VTAC as soon as I can afford to because of the lack of gas block. Either way, looks awesome!
  9. Thanks man - It's a 9" VTAC Rail with a standard M4A1 14.5" barrel; It's got a removable 4" extension on the barrel, I generally run it as a 10.5 in games but the 14.5 looks way better.
  10. Me at Sunday's game... I need an ATFG hat and/or helmet really. Also, I found me a wife.
  11. I normally run it as a 10.5 in games, but it definitely looks better with the 14.5.. I need a 2" extension really.
  12. I find myself agreeing with Will from Sons of Guns.. terrifying.

    1. hwagan


      I know for a fact some units of the BTP have been issued LMT MRP's in 5.56 - I'd be finding one of those as soon as the apocalypse kicked off :P

    2. hitmanNo2


      I did a lot of research into .22 vs .223. Looked at autopsy stuff, crime reports e.t.c. IMO, you would be foolish to pick .22 Sure, lighter weight for more rounds but it's simply not worth it. Add to that fact you will most likely be fighting human survivors with potential armour depending on your location. And over in the UK at least, 5.56 is more common. Sure legal .22 rifles and ammo will outnumber .223 but I'd be willing to bet 95% of that stuff will be safely locked up in gu...

    3. Avenger96


      I can definitely respect wanting a bigger round to deal with the undead menace. Also, a .22 pistol may as well be an airsoft gun for the good it would do at ranges past arm length.


      Personally, I'd carry my shotgun. Lots of ammo, lots of power, lots of intimidation factor.

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  13. Been a while since I put pictures of my LM4 up, so ta-da...
  14. I went out and got absolutely trashed last night, and woke up with 3 friend requests from attractive women, and a promise to Spetznazdave I would send him some free stationery from my office, because I'm a nice chap like that.
  15. I'd rather be hit by a single .3 than 15 .2's, but the heavier whack of a .3 definitely helps when you're only hitting people with one or two shots. As for lowering FPS without an NPAS, I've always just cut down the inner barrel; Admittedly you don't have any adjustability, but I've never suffered a loss in performance as a result. My old WOC had a 6" inner barrel and the thing was a tack driver
  16. GBBR's V AEG's is easy; Just use .3's. The sound of them hitting cover is way more effective than 30 .2's
  17. With the G39, the full auto issue, from what I've seen in a friends, tends to be the nozzle not sealing properly with the bucking when returning to battery in full auto before cycling rearwards again; This leads to a lot of the gas escaping, hence the first shot being fine, and all consecutive shots dropping. Still, full auto in a GBBR, unless it's the summer, is a bit pointless anyway.
  18. Barrel length affects accuracy like protests affect government policy.

    1. crackisbad


      Only if you have 18.75 patches denoting your 1337 status as Sergeant of the Master Sergeants Most Important Person of Extreme Sergeants. Foxtrot Tango Whiskey.

    2. renegadecow


      Pffft, airsoft is for gays. Get a real gun.

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Huuh yuuh. Yeah why would you even waste money on a gun that only shoots plastic?? You are all gay :P

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  19. You could drill it out, but it'd be a hell of a job and you'd need a 9" long drill bit - As the rail isn't a two piece, it'd be a nightmare. Basically, the entire section where the gas tube would sit is just solid metal.
  20. Except the *fruitcage* blocked gas tube... The SWS just had an easily removable pin, there's no way in hell I'm getting a gas block/tube in the VTAC rail
  21. It wasn't really worthy of a thread, I'm just intensely annoyed. Long story short is I sent them an e-mail on Tuesday last week asking if paying for Saturday delivery with a bunch of stuff on Thursday would be affected by the bank holiday; Got no response, so ordered on Thursday morning assuming it'd be fine... Only to be told nothing was getting shipped for the weekend at all, which has tied up £615 of my money while I await a refund from them, and I had to go spend the other half of my paycheque on stuff I needed for Sunday. Essentially, if they'd replied to my e-mail, I wouldn't be fin
  22. I have absolutely ZERO money because I still haven't received my refund from LWA. Full of hatred.
  23. I've fitted an SWS 9.28" to mine, and I currently have a Vtac 9", both made by Madbull. No problems fitting whatsoever
  24. You can keep your *fruitcage* drumsticks..

    1. FireKnife


      I have had ok experiences with the NBs but not worth the price I find. And yes I do need more arms or a Matrix inspired loadout.

    2. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Wild: Guarder gearsets are notorious for having compatibility issues with anything besides a TM spec gearbox. Try the SHS m14 gearsets.

    3. Wild_XIII


      I would have got the SHS set, but they were out of stock. :(

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  25. I was trying to look as casual as possible
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