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  1. Testing my new TM M14 SOCOM scope setup in CQB (was not happy with RD on the front or rear rail and did change the barrel cover): (And YES the ACU is almost perfect )
  2. For example WGC has only the Intellect 1400 cells.
  3. Yes I did find some 9.6V that need no modifications. But my question: Does the Intellect 8.4V 1400mAh - Mini Type ( Ni-MH ) (Link: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...-1400M_cat_8.4V Batteries) fit too or not?
  4. Thank you for the link to the tutorial. I don't like how it looks . But I have to see it for myself perhaps it does look better if the battery is at the rear end and the cables are covered in the body or the battery is on the side (like http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/8931/P90back.jpg) or at the top. I have to test that for myself. But back to the batteries which fit inside the P90. For this (http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?itm=SYO-96-1500P_srch_p90) and this (http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?itm=SYO-96-1700P_srch_p90) you have to modify the inside. But how does it look
  5. Damn you now I have to buy a P90 too Just the battery does give me a little bit a headache. I will not modify the outer dimensions (higher or longer stock) because the P90 looks to beautiful just like it is. And I could not find pictures anywhere from battery bags outside the gun. And I am not sure if it would still be practical. Does someone use a battery bag outside? It is no problem to make a custom bag (some seem to be sold out everywhere). It would be just the size of 8.4V/2400mAh.
  6. Yes...a very nice setup. I really like the used look.
  7. Got my sticker today (see attachment).
  8. You can find a lot of airsoft pics with animals in our gallery: Gallery I don't know why but the cats and the dog have a lof of fun if we play airsoft.
  9. Yep, but why do new Systema magazines stink?
  10. But there are MAX challenge kits. I can not tell you exactly which one exactly you can buy as a kit because I dont sell the kits. You can find more on www.systema-ptw.com (you can buy it from here and I can recommend this shop for all people in Europe except Switzerland) and on www.systema-ptw.ch (products description is in english and all available PTWs are on the page).
  11. Go to www.wgcshop.com and you will find it. It is just an open reddot.
  12. I just can't go to an airsoft event without having fun with my Nissan X-Trail. (Click on image)
  13. @trfo2o: Yes I mean a M500...it should be on the way but it seems to need more time. Good things always take a long time (revolution<evolution).
  14. Just the first step. I am waiting for my Surefire and the ACOG.
  15. The EoTech is nice there, faster to aim if it is there. It is a G&P rail. I don't know which, but you should find it on the G&P or WGC page. Go to www.wgcshop.com -> Other Guns -> Shotguns Internal upgrades are made from G&P too. It has over 420fps (with 0.2g). It feels like an upgraded springer sniper (Marui VSR...). Difference between Maruzen and G&P: All metall parts and 2xfps
  16. M93R from Maruzen (NBB) and Tokyo Marui (AEP for the colder days in Switzerland)
  17. G&P M870 Medium Barrel Shotgun (with real EoTech and custom stock)
  18. I sold my Phantom CIRAS last week and I am now with a light Guarder Command on the way (6 M16 mags, 1 holster, 1 pistol mag, 1 small BB-loader or a knive, 1 large BB-loader or a radio and some other things you need out in the airsoft-field). And the best of all: A selfmade SYSTEMA PTW Patch for around 15$.
  19. I tell all my customers about the problem with the 6.10mm barrel, but they are all happy with the accuracy. Only if you would use the PTW as a sniper you should (but don't have to) buy a special made 6.04 (or 6.03) barrel. But it is very expensive (the price of a Marui AEG). SYSTEMA knows the problem but they don't change it because you can reuse BB's (but I would not recommend it) and a PTW is for CQB Training. More pictures: http://www.qualitypc.ch/downloads/
  20. My first own car after almost 6 years of driving the cars of my parents. All I could/can afford and I had to sell a lot of guns for it (the life of the students is hard).
  21. Yes Titleist, you are the first! Never said that I was it (to be second is good enough for me in this case), I had no chance to be faster I have no problem with this, because our guns are to different. But did you ever try to buy real steel parts from US and import to Switzerland? This took my a lot of mails and time. And you live in a better place than I (background of the pictures), that is what I envy you BTT: The Scope is a Guarder Scope: http://www.intrudershop.com/show_product_e...p?idproduct=686
  22. "I don't believe in coincidences!" We started the same time with the MRE mod, but I had first to open a SYSTEMA PTW store http://www.systema-ptw.ch/ and a I had more problems with getting real steel parts like you in the US. And I tried to use all King Arms parts, but only half of them fit.
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