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    I built a 416 Geissele and I sold it, and then I built this, and I will sell it, because I like them, but I don't use them :/
  2. Vector Optics are nice indeed. I have four different T1 style and they work perfectly fine.
  3. It got silenced not for style, but because it was the only way to make it shoot decently enough by doubling the inner barrel's length and using a 4/5 cylinder.
  4. I don't think I posted my own G2. Time to bring back the red carpet.
  5. It all goes down to how good those motors turn now, but yeah, generally speaking a decent 7.4 should be enough.
  6. If you want to improve the sale, buy a LiPo of similar dimensions. You'll surely find 11.1v models that are like that or smaller. For the K you'll need a 170x18x10 or similar that fits in the top space. That will have to be a 7.4v LiPo most likely, but maybe you'll also find a 11.1v of similar dimensions.
  7. What I want to know is who makes that EFCS. It's marked by DE, but I've seen it in a brand called Poseidon, which has or had a line of Punisher 1-3 rifles. They called it Trident EFCS in those.
  8. Sand blasting is probably best. Submerging the bare slide in adequate solvent for the type of paint would be a close second.
  9. If you want to keep entertained, I have two, one Marui and one Double Whatever, that leak.
  10. I've had the RK74E and two RK74CQB. All three are still in the team, me owning the last CQB model. IF you are looking for a modernized AK, these are nice, as they have all the features... BUT you don't seem to want one of those, therefore I'd direct you towards an E&L gun. We recently purchased an AK74 and AKM in the Black Friday discounts, and we paid 250-270€ for each of them. The base is excellent for any internal job that shouldn't take much coin out of your pocket and give you an excellent performer. Check the AK104 at Gunfire.
  11. Those are G3 stock and handguard, which you should find easier than CETME ones. CETME handguards have a shorter, deeper and wider groove and only 5 holes at the top, instead of 6. The stocks are also different, with no metal insert for the sling on the left side and a different cut on the part that attaches to the body. Here you'll find an excellent compilation of photos. https://www.hkpro.com/threads/cetme-hk-g3-wood-stocks-hand-guards.445017/
  12. My only interest here is that simple blowback system. I like effective simplicity.
  13. Not at all here, no. People tend to use stuff that works fine for the cheapest price possible.
  14. I'd bet it's a reference to the much different Taran Tactical pistol in John Wick, plus the coins they use in the movie
  15. These are not available at Taiwangun. Easier for Europeans to get. Price is around 175€. Mags for 39€ IIRC.
  16. Amperage can get quite high depending on the setup. Maybe that's the problem. However, I've been running guns without any fuse for years without any problems whatsoever.
  17. Wingmann

    GBB psg1

    I'm more interested in the super light Mk48, really.
  18. I have to clarify. Not my video or my guns. Author is a UK based airsoft tech.
  19. Yes, I know. If you don't want to fiddle with the ones that work fine, maybe you could find some others, intended for CO2, maybe.
  20. What about using a stronger spring on the release valve?
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