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  1. Drake would make love to anything Once at a night shoot he spiked my beer with rohypnol.... i dont remember the rest of that night but i woke up in a tent next to him in the morning.... http://www.airsoftireland.com/gallery/disp...rch&cat=0&pos=0 oh the humanity!
  2. Oh.... dear... gawd.... I want that PK, whered he get it or did he custom build it?
  3. First pic is my nearly complete cadpat loadout, everything there is official apart from the shirt. It cost a LOT! Please excuse the fact that its taken in a bathroom, living on campus has its down side And of course the pair of boots that turned up too late to be entered into the loadout pic. My lovely Lowa Combat GTX's. Still to come to complete my loadout is my serpa in drop leg config and my guarder assault pack.
  4. I have used a mates serpa and i love it, i have also had a 6004 and in my personal opinion the serpas are much better. Hence why there is a cqc serpa 1911 tactical holster in the post with a drop leg platform and 2 single stack mag holders all in od
  5. Im pleased by the amount of ak owners that are out there
  6. Whats it like compared to the tm 1911 fareast? If it uses the same system and is as accurate and a nice blowback, then i will be buying one of these
  7. Um *points to self*, Royal Irish Regiment anyone? caubeens? We wear the cap badge to the left hand side of the left eye, Howver most, including myself prefer to wear it right around on the left hand side of the head
  8. Where did you get the bipod? Is it one that allows the gun to pivot left and right on the bipod?
  9. Had one, good scope, ok eye relief, bad reticle, hard to see as its small and usually badly out of focus. Gives a very good clear picture though. Worth the money imo tho.
  10. The first factory grip isnt worth the money. The zero one 1 is better and is only 14 quid.. My first factory 1 split right down the middle and wouldnt fit anything over a 2800
  11. For the past few months this has been a constant problem. Slow loading, at times it wont even load any pages. Can last for a few mins, or all night. A bit of an annoyance Doesnt stop me coming here everyday tho
  12. Thats what im intending on doing too. Where did you ghet the a3 handguard may i ask?
  13. My KSC CZ75 but this is what i want it too look like evntually
  14. My APS2, my ghille stuff and scrim nets for it still havent arrived so i posted it aue naturelle
  15. Get a small screwdriver and on the underside of the flash hider there is a small screw. Screw it out and remove it and then give the flash hider a good hard yank. Also is it true that the FAMAS isnt actually french. It may be used by the french but someone told me its actually a weapon of italian design under french license to manufacture.
  16. This is a punishment shoot turned into a .gif
  17. Congrats Rhino youve helped me out many times before and i can honestly say i believe you fully deserve this position. I dont believe i have ever seen you flame anyone unless it was justified. Good luck mate
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