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  1. PTS Mtek FLUX Mtek FLUX ARC adapter 3M Peltor ARC adapter Princeton tec remix lamp VIP strobe
  2. That was on the Showguns instagram
  3. Spiritus micro on a Spiritus LV119 XL Overt front, Covert back and a size 2 cumberbund in ranger green. Milspec Monkey/Grey Ghost Gear adapt pack also in ranger green. Balaclava by Black Triangle.
  4. Looks good. I eventually want to do something similar with a Novak on my BHP.
  5. WE Hi-Power Mk 3 with a WE Makarov suppressor and a real Cylinder and Slide extended slide release. Currently working on a pair of real grips and a pair of real sights. Gonna probably throw a real hammer strut in there with the we main spring because I recall the stock one on the first Hi-Power was made of a balsa wood based metal and snapped in half when I sneezed at it wrong.
  6. This entirely. I just jumped on it because they literally were the first website to have it up for pre-order.
  7. Mine gets here today so hopefully I lucked out.
  8. Got a reply from Cool Hobby, apparently it's sold out. Still hunting but not a lot of luck.
  9. Did a little digging and I keep seeing references to them being sold by https://www.coolhobbys.com Apparently in the comments they say that it can be converted to use gas airsoft shells because of the similar dimensions of gel shells and airsoft. I also keep seeing references to these being available in China for a while now, but can't find any for sale anywhere.
  10. Oh Jesus I've wanted one of these since Desperado came out in the nineties.
  11. Yeah, i've got a project in mind for the nickle version, though that will be determined when I can figure out what parts from the old model will work on the new. This is Maria, Benny's unique 9mm from Fallout New Vegas.
  12. Just got my shipping info. Will also post my thoughts when it gets here. Pre orders just went up in Airsoft Global and I get paid Tuesday so.....
  13. Holy *fruitcage* yes more of this please.
  14. Switched the grips on my real FN HP to a lovely pair of wood ones, so the WE will get my stock black plastic grips and provided they haven't changed too much, the C&S modified extended slide stop I have mounted on my first version WE HP
  15. I immediately put in an order for mine when I saw it. I wanted to get three, but I will exercise restraint. For now.
  16. KYAirsoft is taking limited pre-orders for those interested. They say end of Oct / Early Nov release.
  17. They posted some stuff about it during the summer on fb and insta so hopefully this year.
  18. Fitting Bulgarian battlefield pick-up furniture to my AKS74MN. The flash hider is quickly becoming a gigantic pain in the *albatross* to get off and replace.
  19. E&L AKS74MN gen 2 with MAG RPK 74 midcap. Currently hunting around for a real triangle folder flashider and wood.
  20. Unsure of brand, might be JG or Kalash. All metal. Three midcaps, two hicaps, Madbull PBS-1, chicom Asking $160 for the lot.
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