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  1. I forgot when I joined and last played because airsoft died here.
  2. So I'm trying to decide what to do, getting tired of the rail but it's the best one to get access to the hopup. Ghk has strange lengths for outer barrels, my 10.5 is actually a 9.5 ish. I'm wanting to make it a 12.5 but the only way extension pieces with an inner barrel stabilizer are 1.5" long. I'm planning to use the TNT kit which actually ups the fps because of its superior seal. Iirc the devilhunter mod will up the fps but I can't get a definitive average of the increase. If I use a standard nozzle some say with this combo i could be over the 400fps limit. For a 12.
  3. You can get them in the us just need to make sure the sellers know what to do, or just buy one second hand off fb. You need a g20 or g21 sf holster because the tm is a large frame. So the large frame glock holster should great for the airsoft. Or you can sand the out of your holster like I did for my serpa. Some holsters have retention screws you can loosen up and help.
  4. Working on my TW I wish to replace the trigger and bar with guarder but I been told that the sear from we/tw is different from tm and it won't engage. Will I have to swap to all tm internal parts? According to a parts description the guarder tm m9 inner barrel should fit any tm gun and well I tried to fit one in my tw and it didn't work, couldn't even get the bucking on. Noticed that it's not even vsr cut or have the right cuts for the hopup. About to just sell it all and just build a guarder tm g17 or preferably a kjw g19.
  5. Alias1983

    KJW M4

    No if there is space in the upper you take another set screw and put it in. Like a double nut, ones in the bottom, one on too of it.
  6. Alias1983

    KJW M4

    Use another setscrew to "lock it".
  7. I thought we was making steel AK kits or new models with steel? I find it strange how much my stock wem4 went through and many AKs won't last a mag.
  8. This or they know you and don't like you.I'm the later for the good ghk group.
  9. It's a private group or Tapatalk sucks today.
  10. I like it, just don't magpuldynamics cclamp of .
  11. I have never seen a non branded kwa mag, just these. http://www.evike.com/products/26977/
  12. If my we g17 mag's work in sub 70*f temps with gg that vector should. Also propane!
  13. What version is the airsoft bizon replicating? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. Iirc tm guarder fcg needs filing to fit in a we/HK springs but you don't want tm springs because we/HK are stronger. A stiffer tm spring is an OEM we spring
  15. I do know some kjw parts are kjw only, some kjw is tm spec some is not. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  16. Get them freshness things you find on food and put them in the package. Bbs do swell somehow
  17. It should come off if it's anything like the ghk
  18. I have no problems with the TW frame but I never stipple as I find it ugly and not anymore functional than leaving it alone. Scotchbright the frame, 100% clean it of any and all oils and contamination. Replace gloves because they have oils and such on them. Make sure your tip is always clean of oils and debris. Make sure your iron is in good working order, old ones tend to not heat up all the surface area even with new tips. I rather like the TW frame over the oem glock frame.
  19. Leave one in the chamber keep shell catcher on.
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