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CYMA Thompson M1A1 AEG

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Is it common for mags to be quite a tight fit on these?  I just got one, and it's pretty difficult to put in and take out mags.


They work themselves in after a while, I spent a good majority of last night doing that to my new one and it finally broke in a little. Still needs more work. I give it two light taps to get it in once its started.


I have no complaints with mine so far but it hasent gone through battle testing, if its at all like my friends Thompson (same brand same place he bought it from) it chronoed at 375 w/ .2's and had some pretty sick range. Even if its not that high its still got a good range on it.


Correction i do have one complaint and thats that some how they got sticker residue on my foregrip. that I also spent most of last night scraping and washing off.

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just wanted to say that your review was very informative and helpful. Ive been waiting for an "affordable" thompson and anxiously awaited for this model. It cost me here in Canada $400, which is about $150 cheaper than the TM. ( I know we pay way too much for our guns here )

Anyway Im very pleased with the gun so far. Im even pleased with the OD sling it came with at the moment till I get a ww2 repro. My thompson came with the trades, which are acceptable. Though 2 funny things about them aside from that they are just painted on, are the cal size printed on the one side shows 6mm instead of the .45 and on the other side where it says Auto Ordnance, Worcester Massachusettes U.S.A. THEN directly below it says MADE IN CHINA. :P



Ive since painted over the made in china lettering.

Again thanks for the review and Hello! from Canada.



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Not a chance, look at the feeding nozzle. YOu might be able to bugger one up and convert it with a CYMA hicap but i wouldnt try it, its probably not worth the effort.

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My M1A1 seems a little slow. Im putting that down to a high power spring ATM...may have to change that after I chrono it.


The ACM wood kit will fit the front. A few tips for anyone fitting one:


- Get a plastic pop bottle and cut it open to make a tube to feed the wiring down the stock. Its VERY rough inside and its a pain in the bum to do without this.

- The gun to stock wiring connector is also a pain because it sits right where the frankly pointless screw at the front of the stock goes through. Put the useless screw in, then feed the connector behind it. Youll find theres JUST enough room for it to sit down.

- The foregrip will go onto the Cybergun Thompson. A little messing about straightening the hole out will do the trick (I bodged it with a straightblade screwdriver) but dont take too much off or the screw will go right through.

- When putting the buttplate on, youll need to take off the pull-out-and-twist bit. Fit the clip at the top of the plate into the stock first before screwing up the screw at the bottom.

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