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moar caffine required please

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well i just pulled an allnighter doing work for a portfollio to try and get into Uni and heres what i finished up with. the Background colour isnt final.




It's a Vampire from Games workshops Warhammer fantasy game. tell me what you think any and all critisim is welcome.

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personaly i feel that its far to pastely


maybe due to the backgropund or personal taste


also the sword arm looks shorter than the one holding the skull


that said if you interested in helping me with a tatto design i want then feel free pm me. you can use any designs for your work gratis

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It makes good use of colour.

Unless it's deliberate, you should try to stop defining edges with black lines. Use colour and shadow instead. For example, there's really no need for the head to be outlined. The difference in colour with the background would suffice.


Also, more fundamentally, you should try not to get fixated with copying stuff.

I got an O-level in design (a while back, now) and I spent almost the entire 2 years building up a portfolio and then, about a month before it had to be handed in, I realised that most of it was derivative, uninspired, junk. I then had to work like a nutter for about 3 weeks actually producing stuff that had some flair and originality.


It IS possible to "cheat" though. Rather than just copying figures from existing models, use the internet, movies, books etc to get hold of pictures of people (or cars or animals or whatever else) in roughly the position you want, copy the person in that picture then alter it and turn it into a vampire or orc or whatever else.


Take a look at any Marvel comic. You probably can't help notice how all the female characters look very, erm, sexy.

That's cos the artists copy a lot of the poses from Penthouse magazine and then just modify them to suit. ;)


There's nothing wrong with your work. It's just that a critical examiner might look at it and say "Oh look, he's copied an Orc from LOTR" or whatever.

If you mix and match your sources your examiner will think it all came out of your head.

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Honest criticism from a professional doodler:


The left foot looks at an odd angle, it feels awkward that his chin be behind the breastplate, and one of the fingers is short. The fabric of the cape and kilt look a little lifeless, and the blood on the sword looks kind of chunky.


However I do have to say better than I can do, I hate working with colors.

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From someone who draws Manga type art for part of his course (nobody has ever beaten me at making storyboards)


The middle finger on the hand holding the scull doesn't seem to have a finger tip. I don't know if it does and I am just being dense, but it seems to look a little short.


There is no definition on the right Kneepad, it is just black.


The cloak looks like it is swinging to the side, rather than being blown (which is what I expect you mean to show). You may need to define it more. If we have alook at our old friend leonidas here... 1_300-zune-background-2.jpg


You will see that his cloak has several billows/creases in it, even though it is only slightly swaying.


Perhaps something like this done in paint, so really crude.



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Whilst the quality of my artwork is perhaps not of the same caliber, I'm moderately pleased with a productive afternoon at the helpdesk.


First up, a little artists impression of Basra International Airport. The Rocks are zooming around down the bottom there, and the unfortunate scopey who's bought it in the ATC was put in at the request of mate, who didn't get on very well with the individual in question.




Next is a bit of Cthulu, lording it up over Ry'leh. I printed this off for another pal, who now has it pinned to his wall. Bless.




And there's my profile pic of course. However, in a show of solidarity with our airborne brethren, I made one for Ubar. I know the mag is in the wrong place, but we r speshul forces. Art school beckons? Probably not.



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Awesome. I do a lot digital painting and graphics for my other job at a graphics agency



I do quite a few things just on whim as well, totally unrelated to clients. I'm going to uni next year actually hoping to progress into game art design and illustration.

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k some amatuerish webcomic-style stuff:


Random Girl on Blades:




Rafi from Friendly Hostility




MP5K was drawn freehend from memory. The pistol I have no idea what it is but i need to draw the ejection port larger next time. Both pics were hand-drawn, then transferred onto a digital format before colour was added via photoshop.

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