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Mine is still in the post apparently arrived in the UK yesterday but the tracking number work with PF or RM.. Fingers crossed it'll be here soon, although im not too fussed am away all week.


Always liked boom arms! Should've ordered with them really, Johnny is always extra helpful!



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Its fitted!!! The kit is lovely, a 500% improvment on the old kit. The finish is excellent and the trades are crystal clean.


My only issue is the slide is VERY STIFF. Requires some real strength to rack and will not cycle. Cant work out why


Yet the new slide works on my old lower and the new lower works with the old slide....


Still find it amazing that the DE had been out for 13 years and no one has thought to make hop rubbers!


On my phone, my spelling will suck

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So finally solved the issue!!


The inner frame was slightly warped in a few places, hammered it flat and polished the inner rails now it moves freely.


However now the firing pin wont engage! Just get dead mans click.


If i manually reset the fire pin and pull the trigger it just vents....


Update -


Swapped the trigger pack and all is good! Something up with it...


So now I have one 6" Hairline running rather well and one 10" half electroplated in bits not working at all...


I think when I get paid Ill buy a brand new black one, nick all the black controls for the 6" and use the rest for the 10" and keep the current broken 10" for spares!


So current it is -


Guarder Hairline Polish Kit

Guarder Enhanced Nozzle (had one spare)

Guarder Steel Sights

Creation Steel Slide Stop

Hogue Grips

New TM Rubber

170% Recoil Springs

MAG Spring Replacment kit


Beautifully presented in the 10" Leon Box


I am rather pleased with it! All it needs now is for Swatti to finish the Co2 conversions ;) or for someone to release Co2 mags!


Crappatalk wont let me upload images...


On my phone, my spelling will suck

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Finished mine. Running fantastically. 


Basically the same spec as Bankz' but with the Creation steel housing and a Guarder steel slide release. I'm waiting for a KM Black stainless hammer, Firefly rocket valve set, Firefly recoil spring group, KM stainless valve knocker, KM Stainless Sear. Also after a new trigger from somewhere and maybe some Hogue grips if I can find some... 


Do RS grips fit this or will I need to mod that *suitcase*?

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Here's my TM, finally reassembled after sitting around for nearly 3 years waiting for paint. But I did send it off for cerakoting and finally have it back. It started with a guarder black metal kit, which I never really liked. But now it's a satin stainless which is my favorite finish for them.




Odd thing, when I bought the original TM, it was massing the E clip that holds the slide catch pin in place. I had made a replacement at the time but now it's nowhere to be found. Does anyone know what size E clip it uses so I can just buy one?

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