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Another gun under the radar.

This is the only store I've seen that has it. I wonder why the new KWC guns aren't generating so much clamor? This one already has a metal slide despite having no blow back, but it still does come a lot cheaper than buying a Prime kit for a WA 1911 to complete a Snake loadout.

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I wonder why the new KWC guns aren't generating so much clamor?


Just take a look at this one to answer that question.


Ok, it's pretty cheap, but it's pretty nasty too...


The non cut-out trigger and hammer are examples of huge cost cutting.


Some of KWC's other NBBs look much better than this one, sadly.



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well, i could see the said GSR in IWA, and i was able to talk to the cybergun tech guy there about the trigger and the hammer.


About the trigger, the reason is that the model is double action only, so KWC needed space inside the trigger to reduce the force needed on the trigger. So their are some lever in the trigger. Also the trigger is little bit longer because its double action, so the finger have longer mouvement to put energy in the hammer spring.


About the hammer, yes its a cost question.


metal slide had a nice finish and laser engraving, weight was impresive, over 1kg

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The hammer is not a "cost question" the real steel is not "cut out" as well! The trigger is not cut out in order to keep the strength of the part up as the pistol requires a long (somewhat) double action style pull.


Frankly, any trigger on any NBB single action style pistol (like the 1911) is going to look "off" as the longer trigger is a must in order to draw back hammer and fire the pistol.


If this becomes available in my area (as well as some spare mags) I'll probably try one out.


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I've always found metal slided nbb's to be weird. It's not as if they need the durability of metal.

GBB pistols often don't need the metal slides for durability either. Like the TM Glock 17, 1911, 4.3 Hi-Capa... It's for the weight, and that's something that I welcome on any airsoft gun, even if it's an NBB or springer.



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