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King Arms LaRue Rail Systems

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King Arms just came out with LaRue handguards but, sadly they don't seem to have any trades. They so far have them in 7", 9", and 12".


LaRue 7" Handguard


LaRue 9" Handguard


LaRue 12" Handguard



I for one want the 12", G&P M4 and FDE Magpul furniture,Barska Short Dot repro, and SPR-E mount repro.

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Is Mike LaRue the Mark LaRue knockoff?





these seem to be much better repros than the element ones. At least then have the cutouts on the rails to allow you to fit rail covers :) On my element on i had to dremel out the indents!

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Obviously if someone doesn't want their product copied, they have a right to pull a fit and pursue any legal action. But I'm not sure if it's such a smart move. I talked to the reps of Gemtech in IWA, and they had a very positive attitude towards airsoft products, and they have turned it into their benefit by allowing MadBull to produce replicas of their stuff under a licence.


Aside from the direct benefit from licencing fees, a good copy for airsoft use makes the product more known without robbing the sales of realsteel stuff for realsteel folks. Some of us are into both airsoft and realsteel, and airsofts are becoming more common in training use all the time. Getting your name on a good product is a walking advertisement for you, and you get money for letting people put it on their product. On top of that you let the licence-holder protect its rights, so it's one less head-ache for you. Surely a win-win-win situation in my book.


The handful of geardoes in the world (who buy a real LaRue for their airsoft guns) don't bring that much business to the company, compared to the situation where you'd let King Arms affix the trades under licence, and benefit from the hundreds of units sold after that.



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Why do people care about trades? I don't think it makes your Airsoft any better. They have RIS point trades I am sure.


I am spraying mine Tan to go along with my Tan M4 just need a nice coat finisher for the Metal.


Because trademarks make it look authentic and cool. nobody said it made you airsoft any better...


its just taste, and personally trademarks really top off a gun. especially on the hk416...

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