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Has anybody got one of these beasties as I am after a review of the rifle.


I do. I haven't had time to do a review yet however I will give a brief one here.


I used the real steel SLR many years ago and loved it. I found it more comfortable that the SA80 but it was rubbish for FIBUA as it was too long. When I seen that STAR was going to release one I knew I had to get one. So I did.

The build of the STAR L1A1 is rock solid with now creaks, wobbles or rattles. Everything that should be metal is metal and all the plastic parts are moulded very closely to the real steel version.

currently you can only get midcaps for it however this isn't really a problem as it's designed to fire semi auto. It's actually easy to switch it to full auto and I have a video on youtube showing how to do it.


It fires hot for the UK and will need downgrading.


basically I think it's a great AEG and if you want to go for a 50's to 90's british loadout its a good buy.

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From a technical POV:




- Tightbore

- XYT gears

- Quick spring change

- good microswitch

- large bearing mech

- good design

- good weight, feels almost the same as the real one.



- Hop unit not compatible with off the shelf hop rubber

- 2 piece outer barrel affects alignment, consistency and accuracy. Should be one piece.

- metal is zinc/aluminium or aluminium, particularly barrel and gas parts. They should be steel.

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Sweet rifle:


Lipo battery, new motor, upgrade spring, bit of a chop, a rail & aimpoint, silencer and a bit of paint...




A few teething problems to start though, flash hider crooked, would stop firing (fixed by rotating selector switch) but after two games, it has been humming ever since.


Lipo burnt out the factory motor, so a new one was added. New spring for some extra range.



L1A1 rocks.



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Hey. Where did you get your scope mount? is it stars scope mount? I have looked all over internet to find a retailer that sells stars scope mount cant find any one plz help =)


I got the scope mount, STAR L1A1 rail mount from Airsoftglobal , US$65 i think from memory. Hope that helps :)

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Has anyone got any juicy stuff on this rifle? I'm itching to get one, provided it does well.



Just got mine, only test fired so far, some random observations:


- flash-hider goes slightly to one side (barely noticeable)


-some components needed tightening (out of box, gas block rotated about barrel, barrel has some side-to-side play, some looseness in handguard), all minor


- rear receiver not quite accurate (tapers, has rounded contours along upper sides not sharp edges, never saw a real SLR like that, mine wasn't)


- some areas of fragility reported - hop-up/air nozzle can break unless former pushed fwd when stripping, selector plate siad to be fragile)


-sand grooves in the dummy slide are inconspicuously shallow


- gas regulator doesn't click-stop


- gas plug is a screw fit (not locking lugs).


- doesn't take large batteries


- flip-up rear sight flips down a bit easier than the original.


More positively


- overall look and feel is utterly authentic, even bits that don't actually work look like they could eg the hold-open "foot", even the rear sight is a lovely replica in itself (despite sight base being a grey colour).


- real bayonet fits snugly


- nice functional folding cocking handle (but will treat with caution to avoid it snapping)


- easy battery change ("pull back and twist" butt cap stays attached)


- good balance with battery in, just slightly butt-heavy


- range and accuracy out of box is breathtaking


- decent midcap capacity


- relatively easy to fit real SUIT top cover (think so, haven't actually tried mine yet).


- great ergonomics (as per the original).


Whatever else the British did to the FAL, they made it beautiful, and this superb replica rifle captures perfectly the supremely elegant lines of the supreme service rifle of its day.

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33lima where did you get the real SUIT top cover as I am about to purchase a STAR SLR. Also does anyone know where I can get my hands on a real SUIT scope?


I got both top cover and the actual sight from ebay.com (USA) together, for about £110 incl postage IIRC, having patiently watched and waited on both UK and US ebays. Confirmed before bidding with seller that he'd post to UK. Didn't have any probs with customs, I might have been lucky there even tho the import was genuinely harmless and to the best of my knowledge and belief legal. I have seen the identical (save for the data panel) Israeli version (without top cover IIRC) on UK ebay so they do show up from time to time. I think I saw the Soviet copy somewhere too, I googled its designation, but its mount was very different.


The real top cover slides in sweetly (fitted mine on Sat for the Sunday shoot at Foxtrot 58) but I stripped the rifle not with the stripping catch but by unscrewing the receiver pivot both sides then pushing out the mag catch pivot (as advised on another post here) rather than risking breaking the air nozzle. The real top cover is a tad short, leaves a very small gap of about 0.5 mm at one end or t'other, barely noticeable. getting the mag catch pivot back in was the trickiest bit. Will avoid using the stripping catch and will clear any single-shot lockups not by opening a tad and flipping the safety around to full auto, but by using a small screwdriver, now installed in my 58 webbing's grenade launcher pouch, to push in the tiny full auto fire button up behind the mag well, only visible with the mag off, the rifle inverted, and the mag catch pushed fully forward. A mate has his safety non-functional, and the rifle shooting full auto only, after flipping his safety around, tho I think he may have "broken" it deliberately as he's a bit of a full auto fiend :)


As you may have noticed, the actual Star SLR sight mount/top cover is identical to the real SUIT sight one except it has an RIS rail instead of the odd cruciform block on top. It might be possible to adapt it to hold a SUIT sight and look the part, need to add a groove on front, a hook half way back, and arms and a post towards the rear, maybe a blacksmith or model engineer could make the bits and weld or braize them on. If the SLR sells well enough maybe Star will make a SUIT sight to fit the rails!


Some first impressions of the new weapon in action:



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