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Where can i get a tommy gum?


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Hi guys n gals,


I most likely posting in the wrong section (doh) , but since it's my first post on here, newb department seemed quite apt. :unsure:


As per title, i've seen them on the web, im looking for a tommy gun, the twin handled drum magzined version - chicago typewriter stylee, not a thompson. ;)


Only place i've i've found them so far is in the USA by Cyma, but the yanks don't wanna send anything over the pond to me. :angry::angry:


Any ideas folks?


Thanks in advance



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Bolt aint right, but it's pretty much all there is atm, excluding the *suitcasey* springer. As far as I know, the 1928 listed on kapowwe hasn't shown up anywhere else yet, and that doesn't have the right bolt either, so.



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The Thompson 1928 with cutts compensator, ribbed barrel, vertical foregrip and drum magazine will be out here in the UK in about a weeks time, roughly. It does however have the wrong bolt, as has been mentioned, it has the same body as the M1A1, but it is all we are going to get for the time being. Airsoft Armouries should be getting them.

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If you want an AEG Tommy Gun, tough luck buddy. No one makes one.


The best you can do (like those mentioned above) is to get the Cyma/Cybergun "M1928." I put that in quotes because it is, at best, a cross between the M1928 Tommy and the M1A1.


It's got the M1928's compensator, front grip, ribbed outer barrel, and rear sights.

But it's got the M1A1's thinner upper receiver, bolt, stock, and (I believe) selector switches.

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Thats the kiddy!


Thanks for the rapid reply guys, looks like i'll be badgering A2 in the next few weeks, i knew had seen it reviews on YouToob.



Just feeling all nostalgic, fancied a bit of CQB in a pin strike 3 piece suit with a trilby! :D


Fingers crossed they are coming to the UK.



Thats the springer version not the AEG version.

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Well, personally I am not too worried about the stock being still M1A1 style, I prefer it to the M1928 style stock.


On the other hand I am exceited that we Airsofters (more specifically us Brits) are finally being treated to a 'real' Tommy Gun, the military style was starting to get boring. Would be nice if the '28 receiver was in there too, but its a good start.


@Spencerman: Do you have any further details on this release? How did you come about the info mate?

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I have this... The body is okay but needs some work to make it fit. Buy a dremel and some silicone lube at the same time. The AZR butt stock is pretty good in terms of shape and size but be prepared to dremel and fill to get the butt plate to fit.


The AZR front end woodwork is, simply, bl88dy awful. When Gunners get the ACM back into stock, buy this.


So, if you want and AEG Tommy, here's what it has cost me so far:


CYMA M1A1 - £150

AZR m1928 body - e100

ACM front end - $75

AZR butt - £30 (from someone who gave up with it)

Drum mag - $60

TOTAL - about £320 and a lot of work


It's in bits at the moment - the AZR paintwork is laughably bad so it's undergoing the 'enamel gun metal applied by finger' technique, the butt is full of milliput and al the woodwork is undergoing multiple stain coats to get it to a uniform cover.


Bloomin' WW2 airsoft - life's a lot simpler with multicam and an M4!

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I came by this information as I have one on order for myself (not from airsoft armouries, but I know they will be getting them) and I was told that they are expected either next week or the week after. I know that it isnt perfect, but at least it has most of the bits. I will probably mess about with it anyway, so I cannot wait.

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It exists guys, just need to find one where he can get it.




Another site that carriers it. Got a buddy got it, said it was okay, not great, needs work for skirmishing, but it's fun to hold.

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I don't see anything either. ;)

Oh dear. :D


Do I really have to come round & hold your hand while we patiently wait for the home page to fully load & then scroll down, past the vcra blurb, Sennybridge ad, Marui 5-7, KSC MP7A1 GBB, & WOC M4 GBB, before finally beholding: "THOMPSON 1928, Cybergun, £249.99, coming soon", complete with drum mag picky! :huh:




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