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A Customer complaint.

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Fair point, however his reaction and attitude is childish at best. Ehobby accusing him of extortion is bad though. An apology would go down well here. But now I shall GTFO of this thread and stop replying, a private matter should stay that way.

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I ordered scope rings about a year ago. I didn't even get an empty box...


After lack of communication I just couldn't be bothered and took my business elsewhere. It's not like they were expensive but customer service should be equally good no matter what the order value.


Just don't order from them again and if CS keeps up their act E hobby will start to feel the consequences.

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Ok, well i just made an order from them. Kind of troubled when i read this, but if *suitcase* does go wrong, im bringing to the top.


James i don't think you would have anything wrong with your order.

well, the odds are slim.

Andrew would probably be 1 in 100,000. if not more.

whose ever heard of someone getting a packet, and its empty? lol

you'll probably got a 1 in 1,000 chance you get a wrong colour

2 in 5000 chance you get a wrongly labeled item

1 in 5000 your item is damage in delivery.

i bet some ones got the numbers to figure it out... as i'm just guesstimating

but i rarely seen? if not never seen a ehobby complaint before.


i think someone else said it best...

look at ebaybaned and all there complaints, yet people still buy of them. lol

you could probably calculate the numbers for every retailer, guess who would be on the quality multi gold star award high end.

but that is irrelevant in this case.


what does matter is how they deal with it when it happens.

they screwed the pooch on that one.

so yeah... that could have been done differently.

but they do seemed to have solve the case quickly and the magical rails been set out within a day off looking into your case.


still theres a few things I still don’t get.

We have 2 + 2 and are getting 3 and half.

They say you sent a not nice email.

You shown that you didn’t.

What set them off???

Why would they do what they did.


Nothing you have shown even comes closely to malice or threats of any kind.




Unless Ehobbyasia would like to do the decent thing and make a gesture of goodwill as a way of saying 'sorry we called you a liar and a thief' but that won't happen, so I'll wait five days for my replacement panels and take my business elsewhere.

do you understand what this is!

after all your bitching and moaning, you still want something given to you, or else they will be punished."

Well… if only not buying from them. <_<

but still... its ether This! or i'll do THis!


soo... lol


And finally…

Dealing with two different CS is probably a bad idea.

They probably sitting 2m apart and not utter a word to each other all day. lol

If you’re dealing with one, why send an email to another one?

also i sure you must realize xmas ny's is very busy for them.

so you probably pushed buttons on someones that already pushed to limits.







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What is good will gesture?


That was it, until today:


there has been several other emails that seem to have slipped your attention, sent to both CS's.


You don't remember the email we sent to you on the 6th, explaining the investigation was completed,

We found to have reasonable probability and cause of sending you a empty package due to a error in showroom items packaging storage.

We had since corrected the error as to not happen again, and have sent you out a new set of rails immediately.


you replied to it on the 6th!

and most politely too, hence getting the apology.


when have we ever have called you a liar or a thief ?

and also note the difference between murder, and attempted murder, as you have mis-read my first post on this matter.

But now that you making stuff up, and having memory lapses.

i will be no longer replying to any posts in this thread on this matter.



This was from the first email I seen.


Resolve these issues A.S.A.P. or I will never order from you again, I will post this experience on Arnies forums and I will contact my credit card company and have your payment stopped.


If we didn’t comply to your demands, you to threaten to take your custom elsewhere, bring our name into disrepute, and cancel your payment on a 10 item order, 9 of which you received.


And the case of a empty packet in an order does seem extremely implausible.

and with your threat like that and assumed potential attempted fraud.

I was on edge and I over reacted.

I'm very sorry.


Also note : for us to ask for photos of goods received, is also to get pictures of our labeling its part of any investigation no matter the item.

As there's 2 or 3 stickers we add for our inventorying, tested, and oranging tiping etc.

so thank you for the good photos of the packaging.

i could probably show you a picture of the rails from your packet as they are on a m4 on a dressed up dummy in our show room.

but enough of this i have put to much time into this small matter.


Again Andrew, I'm, sorry.







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What are you talking about, I DID CHECK, I checked the day the parcel arrived and complained the same day, have you actually read this thread?


I complained the same day and my complaint was IGNORED for SIX DAYS and then I was accused of extortion.

Have you read my post? You'll see that I was reffering to Ehobby forgetting to check the bag with the rail cover. Not you. I'm aware you checked the package... :rolleyes:


I'm suprised you even got a response. There's no reason or sense in being an *albatross* to a company you are trying to get an item replaced from. Nice responses get quick responses. Use the ol' noggin of yours.


And ehobby is even willing to respond. Any other company and they would never have responded.

Once again, ehobby amazes me with their CS.


I really don't think ehobby should be the only one apologizing here Andrew, but that not my call.


And to those who hate waiting for responses. Think about how many people order from huge retailers like ehobby, they don't ignore your questions, they deal with an insanly large volume of mail/questions. And that takes time. So be patient. If they don't respond, and for some reason miss your question, then send them another one.

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ok... everything adding up now...and that makes sense.


unless Andrew has... a "little brother."


mis-communication with the emails, both were provoked and reacted.

problem was investigated and with in 24 hours solved with rails posted.

one "not an oplogy"... lol and 2 apologizes were given.


i have no unanswered questions.


although i was a little disappointed with ehoby and the cause.

had me... "is that it?"

not a single, "male offspring of a female dog" in it.


still... they were provoked.

"thick skin you must grow" <= yoda.






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Well it is just wonderfull to be accused of extortion by some petty little chap who works for a company that has no idea of the phrase 'customer service'.


It really makes me shudder when I take stock of the last weeks happenings and find that despite my complaint being submitted on the 30th of december I still have not received my replacement product!!!


Guess what fellow, if I do not receive my replacement goods tomorrow you are going to find yourself out of pocket by a lot more than $10......



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Well thats hardly constructive now is it... of course Ehobby shouldn't of accused you of extortion but taking that approach isn't going to do yourself any favours. Just loses the sympathy others may have for you and makes you look a bit of a knob.

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Andrew March, after wasting my time reading you complain, I cannot help but feel that you are an annoying little kid.



Ehobbyasia has never done anything but get my orders to me on time...so I really don't get your fussing.


You'll find that in life, asking NICELY for something will get you a lot more than yelling, screaming, and insults will.


And if ehobby does do their thousands of orders for thousands of customers, why the f*** are they going to care about a whiny little child?

Seriously...treat people like people...us humans aren't perfect, you know? And then there's something called being polite...

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Andrew, I doubt you're getting your replacement at all.




See that? That's a nice little RMA number I received on 7-27-'09 from ehobbyasia, almost six months ago. I complied and sent back the product, but never heard back again. For some reason, whenever I e-mailed them questioning if they had received my product back, I never got a reply. I'd also like to note that the ehobbyasia rep here has not bothered inquiring about my previous complaints and I'm sure that I'll probably be ignored further.


Just be glad you only lost about $10 worth of goods then how I lost $38.99 + the cost of shipping back to them. If you opened a paypal dispute with them, I'd suggest just putting it up to a claim and ask for your money back and bring your business elsewhere.

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I cant believe this thread is still going over $10 worth of missing rail covers and the accusations that ensued.

Threatening legal action and adding the "if i don't get my stuff tommorrow.." just makes it look even more pathetic.

You've had a replacement and an apology , demanding to receive said replacement in double quick time is just petulant.

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Some of you guys have a really weird attitude.


Anyway, to summarise:-


AHA decided to post a thread mocking somebody.

A customer took the opportunity to point out that EHA can be less than wonderful too.

EHA accused the customer of extortion.

It turned out that the customer was right after all. (Somebody should write that down).

A bunch of people leapt to EHAs defence.




Funny thing is, I thought it was childish, amateurish and inappropriate for EHA to have posted this thread in the first place.

Oh well. :rolleyes:



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