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Yours definitely had wobble. And it has since been fixed. Who else's has been confirmed to have wobble? Because out of the 3000 units sold so far, yours is the only one that I'm aware of that has been

I like how me pointing out the obvious in my last post has garnered a negative rep. LOL. Haters gonna hate.

I Lol'd at all the fanboys who had to have this must have aeg. To be honest it seems as if youy have all been taken for a ride. My A&K Masada with systema gearbox *suitcases* all over this ares ab

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So while not my 1st choice for a single mag shingle for the AKM magazines. The condor single/duel mag shingles fit the AKM mags with out issues (but not the stacker pouchs).


I should have my AKM build finished in about a month or so. I'm having a P* installed in my AKM. Then I need to finish ordering the hop up parts to put together an r-hop'd barrel with a flat nub for it.

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You bastards with your completed Masada 18' SPRs. Getting harder and harder to get the parts at a decent price. The stock, barrel, and handgaurd alone are nearly as much as the gun is new. 


Ha ha!


I planned on buying a Masada then upgrading it to a DMR but in the end it was way cheaper and easier buying a second hand one that someone else had already spent a load of money upgrading. £325 for one with all the sniper mods, upgraded cylinder/piston/head, high torque motor, wiring, M150 spring, 3-12x50 scope, bipod and 4 mags.


If I was ever gonna sell it, I could put the CQB barrel, short handguard and folding stock back on and then flog the long barrel, sniper stock and handguard separately.

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So after searching around some more, I seem to have found the exact type of pouch I was looking for to fit AKM mags.

Grey Ghost Gear Double AK Mag Panel.


Those are pretty much the same build quality as tactical tailor stuff. The only difference is the tags used. Grey ghost= tactical tailor.


Bungee cords really get in the way cause of the tabs on the magazine. It doesn't allow for a smooth draw. Well, at least the magazine holds enough bbs to not really justify topping off.


Light weight is good. Just the flimsiness puts me off. Also, the pouches do not allow for kydex inserts which is what I primarily run with my pouches.


Just personal thoughts. There's looking at pictures....then there's actually trying things out.


I'd only consider these pouches if the insides were lined with Velcro loops so I can rock kydex inserts.



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replacement gearboxes for the masada are available  in the US. The local Airsoft Extreme has them in stock. If I'm not mistaken, they have at least 4 in the shelf. Then again, that was a couple of weeks ago.


You could always install a sorbo pad. That will adjust the AOE and save your gearbox shell.


Kinda wondering about the switch assembly.


I installed one on my last Magpul PTS Masada. That gun was awesome.

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Just FYI..some new stuff @ EHA:


ACTION Aluminum URX4 5-Slot KeyMod Handguard for PTS Masada AEG

-- Aluminum Construction

-- Keymod System Compatiable

-- UXR4 4-Slot Rail KeyMod System (2 pcs)

-- For Airsoft Masada Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle

-- Black Color





..and short





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