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Ok folks we've all waited long enough for these to be released!


Here are the real steel Wiki's for this gun - here and here.


Here is a quick snap shot of the first gun off the production line, the serial number on this one being 'mpts00001'.




I should have my hands on this next Sunday (18th), at which point I'l be doing a brief review of my inital impressions of the externals and basic out of the box performance. I will also try to get some pictures and comparisons between this and the A&K/G+P Sportsline version of the Masada/ACR.


As you can see this one is coming with the 14' barrel profile, RIS foregrip, 5.56mm lower and the fixed stock in black.


At the moment I can't comment on current retail information other than to say what most people already know/have worked out - they should be here (UK) around the mid to end of May mark and will cost around £400 for the standard package.


Check back Sunday night and there should be plenty more information and pictures up!

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Yours definitely had wobble. And it has since been fixed. Who else's has been confirmed to have wobble? Because out of the 3000 units sold so far, yours is the only one that I'm aware of that has been

I like how me pointing out the obvious in my last post has garnered a negative rep. LOL. Haters gonna hate.

I Lol'd at all the fanboys who had to have this must have aeg. To be honest it seems as if youy have all been taken for a ride. My A&K Masada with systema gearbox *suitcases* all over this ares ab

Posted Images

Exclusive – MagPul PTS ‘Masada’ ACR Player Review


*Please note: I am not affiliated to MagPul Inds/PTS, or any importer/shop/site – I do not own this AEG I have simply been given access to it and asked if I would like to carry out a review, I am not making any profit or personal gain from doing this, I’m simply trying to play with some nice kit and bring some extra information to other airsofters. If you wish to replicate any part of this review or use the pictures from it please credit them with belonging to me, if in doubt please message me and I will be happy to either add the review elsewhere or try to answer any questions you have.– Thanks, Tim/Scuffer*


Here is an exclusive look at the new MagPul PTS Masada/ACR airsoft gun, this is a pre-production model so there may be some small (very small) changes in the final production model, but nothing that will change the look or operation of it when compared to this one.

This ACR is in black with a 14.5” barrel profile, it has a fixed stock and RIS kit – both of which will be aftermarket extras and not on the standard off the shelf model, there may also be other differences such as alternative flash-hiders etc on the production model.

Currently I have been able to fire, review and strip it down – I will be doing a further testing/range report tomorrow, although it may take me an additional day to get it written up and get the photos added.

For this review I will break it down into a number of areas, along with the pictures of each stage – overview/external details/stock/front end + hop up/ internal/final re-cap and a short video of it being test fired.



Parts: 14.5” Barrel/RIS Hand-guard/Fixed stock/Bird cage flash-hider/Flip-up front sights/MBUS rear sight.

Ok, firstly what can I say – Whoa! This is simply a lovely bit of kit. As you would expect from a company such as MagPul it is very nicely designed and does not feel over or under-engineered in anyway. In fact if you take anything from this let it be simply that this finally feels like a solid all round airsoft platform. There are no gaps in the design or production process, with the entire thing feeling ‘fit for purpose’ which in my opinion places it either at the top or very near the top of the AEG pecking order as far too often design/production/materials used let airsoft guns down and stop us using them in their full capacity.

When initially holding it this AEG feels light (compared to some full metal AEGs) but solid, with no flex or creeks anywhere. My first though is that I would happily be able to carry it round all day as it’s not restrictively heavy but feels rugged and fit for task in terms throwing round an urban environment and using at a number of engagement ranges. Using a 1200mAh 7.4V Lipo and 0.2g BBs it chrono’d at 338-340FPS over around 10 shots, with a fast rate of fire and very snappy trigger response.

The front site pops up via pressing the pin to its rear, while the MBUS open up via depressing its front section. The controls all feel solid and everything clicks firmly in and out of place.

The finish on the metal upper and RIS is a flawless matt back while the plastic lower and stock feel and look far superior to any other body kit I’ve ever felt during airsoft, feeling more like a textured version of the RS G36 receiver. Once held on their own it’s striking how light the stock/lower are when compared to their perceived strength while putting pressure on them.




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External Details

The marking on both the upper and lower are very neat, as I said before the ambidextrous controls click firmly in and out of place with no rattle or unnecessary movement. The charging handle slides back and locks into place, being released by the ambi-bolt catch at the front of the trigger guard and slamming forward with a satisfying metal on metal ‘thawk!’ that I’m sure will keep many people entertained in the safe-zones for years to come. Locking it back also exposes the hop up chamber and dial, making setting the hop easy. The dial rotated smoothly and did not seem as if it would unwind of its own accord – but I’ll save my comments regarding the hop up for once I’ve had some on range time with it. As you can see there are a number of sling points spread around the body of the gun. I tried MagPul PTS Midcap magazines and they fitted firmly into the magwell with no movement and fed perfectly.





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This is the aftermarket fixed stock variation. Build quality is the same as the lower receiver and the two parts fit together perfectly with no movement. To change the stock configuration on this weapon you first pop out the upper receiver pin and lift the upper forwards, then pop the second lower pin and the stock will slide out – reverse the process to fit a new stock. Again on the fixed stock there are a number of various sling points.




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Front End + Hop Up

This system uses a quick detach barrel system, for the airsoft side the same is true and life is made easier for us by the outer barrel assembly holding both the inner barrel and half of the hop up chamber (hop rubber). While the dial, feed tube and other half of the hop chamber is fixed inside the receiver, interestingly is seems as if MagPul have done away with having a hop nub and instead have a fixed nub as part of the hop up unit, so when the barrel unit (containing the hop rubber) is inserted and the dial turned the hop up unit acts directly on the rubber rather than pushing a nub.

The quick detach mechanism is very simple to use, open the front up, press in a little button and turn the handle (slight knack to it!) the barrel will then come away. Despite being removable once in place there is absolutely no movement or dreaded barrel-wobble on this gun. The front RIS kit fits on via 2 pins, as with most of the body pins on this AEG that are captive types meaning that they can be pushed out and retained within the body while opening it up. The RIS itself is well made with no sharp edges or flaws. On the issue of battery storage, I used a 1200mAh stick LiPo to test and the same will be used tomorrow on range, this battery fitted easily into the RIS and it may be possible to get larger LiPos in there too. I was not able to test but it may be possible to get small NiMh battery packs in there too if you are creative with the writing placement. I’d also assume that there will be far more room for batteries in the standard non-RIS hand-guard.










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This has a very handy quick change spring feature, to use this you remove the stock and lift the upper, then insert an Allen key into the rear of the gear box, turn and the spring guide and spring will slide out. This one came with a plastic spring guide and a linear spring.

To open the Masada/ACR up full, simply pop the top rear pin and it will split and swing on the front pin, after that remove the front pin and lower rear pin to gain full access. Once that’s done there are 2 Allen key bolts to remove from inside the magwell and 2 from the motor grip and the gearbox will slide out.

The gearbox shell is a modified version 2/3 mix, I was not able to open the gearbox itself so I’m limited in what I can say about the internals other than relatively obvious observations.

Firstly this uses a micro switch trigger unit, along with this the motor is caged (wiring soldered/Allen key adjustment at the base) and the wiring (while relatively thin) runs around the outside of the box and clips neatly into little protectors that guide and save it from getting pinched. The fire selector is operated by large plastic external gears; this is a very simple mechanism but does the job beautifully and feels smooth in operation. The air nozzle is much longer that a standard version 2 M4 type. MagPul have used bushings for the 2 top gears while using a bearing set for the first gear.

To rebuild place the fire selectors onto semi and reinsert the gearbox, then replace the various screws in the magwell and pistol grip, followed by the body pins.





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# Captive body pins

# Mostly Allen Key screws/bolts used in construction

# Wired to small Tamiya connector at front

# Quick spring change feature

# Quick barrel/stock/fore-grip customisation

# Low profile iron sights

# Light weight but solid construction

# Simple and easy to use ambidextrous firing controls

# Internals look solid and not overly complicated allowing for easy upgrades and repairs.

# High quality, LiPo ready internals

# High number of additional parts to be released

# This will be at the Airsoft Arms Fair in 2 weeks time for anybody interested to have a look at!


I don’t think there’s too much more I can add that this point (well there is but I’ll save it for future posts and post testing updates). I will receive my own personal Masada/ACR in the near future, suffice to say it will be properly pressure tested and every aspect reviewed then probably broken and upgraded so stay tuned for that! If you have any questions please post away!


This is it fitted with an Aimpoint Comp M4 and Surefire M900V Vampire White/IR Vertical Foregrip Weapon Light, along with ladder rail covers on the upper and spare rail covers, mags and AFGs ready for testing/skirmishing tomorrow. Also a short video of me dry firing it on semi/full auto.




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Ok there's the first brief look at it!

I'm very sorry that it took so long (3 week delay due to ash problem), obviously this cast doubt in some peoples minds regarding me actually getting hold of one - please in the future give me the benefit of the doubt, I'm not here to BS people or mess people around.


Ok well this is a tiny amount of the video/pictures/information that I have about this AEG, due to Arnies being down this review has been up on most UK forums for a couple of days already.


I tested and used the Masada in game on Sunday, so I am currently writing up and sorting the pictures from then, give me a few days and I'll have that write up online. In the mean time please feel free to ask any questions!


Here's a quick picture of it from Sundays skirmish. Not me holding it here (I was taking the photo), the chap in the picture is wearing the latest V3 Crye combat gear and a Paraclete SOHPC.


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If you get the chance to pop ope the mechbox, please inform/give us lots and lots of pictures on how PTS worked out using a micro switch while retaining the semi-auto feature, as I know that would be an awesome adaptation for us M4 lovers stuck with archaic open contact based switches :P


Looks like an awesome gun, miles better than my A&K (though I still love it and it makes a great backup gun).


How is that newfangled hop-up system/"nubless" arm thing working out for you? Are you getting to do extensive field testing? Great review so far!!!


To those of you in the know, any chances of PTS ever releasing a midlength polymer forend? As I think that might get me to throw more money at them (I love my midlength guns :P )

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As with Vercingetorix, I'm keen on the trigger too. is it only an electronic trigger or is a mosfet included in it? At one stage there was a rumour that the mechbox was Systema?


P.S. I believe the gear is still CP Gen 2 but just with Gen 3 pads.

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Looks like it is a great gun. Though it looks a bit shiny in some of the pictures.


I'd rather have a standard ACR/MASADA, no RIS and a collapsible/folding stock all in FDE, and I'm also not a fan of the MagPul sights, but that's just me!

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Ok so every internal feature of this gun is an ARES feature. The PTS Masada is made by ARES, you can take that to the bank. :D


8mm bearings on the bevel gear and 8mm bushings on the other 2, just like the ARES Tavor


Quick-change spring feature designed in the exact same way as the ARES Tavor


2 small hex bolts in the magwell just like the ARES Tavor


Translucent blue bucking just like the ARES Tavor

Edited by Pzh2000
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PZH2000 is right, PTS subcontracted to ARES. Which means:


1) Motors will be *suitcase*

2) Hop-up unit is going to be a bit finicky

3) At some point things will go wrong inside


A pity, because it looks quite good otherwise.

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