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Nice case. I like that monolithic style, it's a shame nobody makes a 1 x 4 x 9 shiny black case. My intention is to completely remove the hard drive caddy from inside the case since it gets in the w

Figured one of these should be posted - since all of us are somehow computer nerds (comon, we're all forum rats, right? XD), I figure there should be a thread where people can come and discuss compute

Shuttle XPC? Barebones are pretty cheap (average around the $200-300 mark) and include everything besides a CPU, HDD, optical drive, RAM, and GPU (it has a built-in GPU, but if you do gaming it's defi

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I'm very happy with my 480, glad I went with it over the 1060, which at the time was more expensive. Now the 580's been released I'd go with that. I'm in two minds about flashing my 480 to a 580, but desperately don't want to bork anything, however people have done it quite successfully.


Any 'k' series intel is only going to be worth it if you want to overclock. Are you going to overclock?

You haz RX 480 ?

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Aaargh! One of the Extricom switches at school has gone for a Burton so no wifi in the humanities block. Teachers are sending kids every 5 minutes to find out why they can't connect to anything. Their haggared faces show the horrors of having to actually be taught rather than the teachers just flick through a powerpoint presentation.

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Always been a nVidia fanboy, but current events and budget makes me turn quite happily to that Ryzen 1600 / new radeon combo.

Dumb me invested in an expensive G-sync a few months ago...


I don't like proprietary tech much...

Guess I'm going for that MSI 1080Ti Seahawk anyway after tax returns!

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I changed my mind about AIO GFX cards.

source: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3359186/nvidia-gtx-1080-aio-gpu.html

And there are others. 


- Standard blower funnel cut op to fit waterblock, but not adapted to spread airflow over rest of card: no VRM's not cooled and memory insufficiently cooled.
- Above reason makes the fan spin up quite a bit, which is loud as it's a blower fan. 
- NO additional 4pin PWM fan headers on board to connect supplied Corsair 120mm fan ( noisy fan, btw )
- Pump if of old type and quite loud.

- Alu radiator and copper waterblock will cause corrosion.

Conclusion: you're better off sticking to conventional aircooled cards OR go fully custom watercooling.

I'm sad now, since all 2 suppliers use ( less than perfect ) corsair as OEM watercooling.

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Did a folly. Got myself a nice Asus strix 1080 non OC. Problem? Can't use Alphacool, only FE is supported. FE is 30 euro's cheaper and has no RGB, but runs loads hotter and quite a bit more noisey.


Fully custom watercooling it is, then. Since I've installed my own water piping and floorheating, I'm sure my pc won't be a problem. I just might thing about laying some extra piping in the pc room to extract warmth to the outside of the house. Bit like Linus's 'whole house watercooling'


Another subject now: smartphones!

Bit like computers, i guess.

Problem: i have a sony Xperia Z. The original from 3-4 years back. It still works great but for one stupid thing.

Everytime I'm on Facebook or a website and I'm scrolling past advertising, It becomes a lagfest.

So basically I'd be upgrading for more fluent ads. Ridiculous, right?

All other apps work great!


This a flash/java/ ram issue?


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