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KJW KC-02 GBB Tactical Rifle

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This baby will be on stage sunday, maybe chronoed ^^

It's done and was in those last pics, not much more to show   Full galley here : https://plus.google.com/photos/117328876138007382074/albums/5735374121112598897   Got some problems with my bolt c

Only did the can test at home by 25°c With ultrair gaz, went through each side of the can, but didn't pass the bottom of it. So 400 fps ?

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Alright, we got our answer.


Maybe I am being daft here but he only states that he used a dremel for 2 hours. Why could that not have been on the reciever instead of the stock? There is no direct or implied connection (in the original sentence) that it was on the stock, although we know now it was.


Sorry for being stupid :P


Maybe it's better to just drop it, english is not my native language so perhaps I am missing something.

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I, on the other hand, would consider a select-fire 10/22, but I'd have to buy a second one, mostly because I don't trust the gas capacity of original magazines and I'm looking for some reason to own two of them ;). A 2nd-gen select-fire 10/22 in a Muzzelite stock would be pretty ducky to own.

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Muzzelite Stocks are *suitcase*, used to have one on my Ruger.

You don't say, I have one too! It's ugly, impractical, looks cheap and doesn't really fit bull barrels, but for that schlocky 80s sci-fi movie feeling, it's irreplaceable. :D

I swapped it for a factory Ruger wood stock in mine.

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