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KJW KC-02 GBB Tactical Rifle

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Dammit Aitch! while i dont allways agree with your thinking i do respect your experience and for you to be glowing about something must means it's pretty darn good.

I've been debating this rifle since it's release was announced and i have only been reading good things about it. 30th birthday pressie to me i think.

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This baby will be on stage sunday, maybe chronoed ^^

It's done and was in those last pics, not much more to show   Full galley here : https://plus.google.com/photos/117328876138007382074/albums/5735374121112598897   Got some problems with my bolt c

Only did the can test at home by 25°c With ultrair gaz, went through each side of the can, but didn't pass the bottom of it. So 400 fps ?

Posted Images

@farrsdevil, if we all thought the same the world would be a better albeit more boring place :P

I don't agree with a lot of peoples opinions, but unlike them I repect their opinions and don't argue to them to change to my pov ;)


As for the 10/22, I've bought a lot of high end kit, spent thousands building sniper platforms, but this, 220 quid, it's amazing, needs better hop so it can handle heavier bb, nothings perfect, sub 350 these could be the new M4, but being gas, it wont be, but one could be yours :P

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Yeah, it's a fairly loud beast I'd say. Even more so when you compare the slow paced booms that the GBB makes vs. the rapid string of whining from all the AEGs around you. Does make you stand out in the skirmish, specially later in the day once everyone playing has seen you in the safe zone and identified your weapon etc.

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Completely different beasts I'd say. With all the steel upgrades available for the KC02 now you could make it nigh on indestructible and very powerful, whether it'll ever rival the selection of parts for a TM Gspec is another question but you'll stand out and be able to do double taps or follow up shots without moving from your position with the KC02. I'd go for the KC02 and add as many RA Tech bits as you can afford to throw at it and I reckon you'll have a formidable sniper platform.

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Picked mine up today 2nd hand never skirmished with 3 mags £200 :D

Not put any rounds through it yet, will be off to the range in the morning. Tying to find a nice cheap 2nd hand RS stock in the UK is proving hard, only one on ebay for such a popular gun i was surprised by the lack of parts and high cost. Anyho first thing to tinker with is find a slightly weaker hammer spring and a stock.


Happy boy.

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Hi guy's got one these beauties this week. Found the fps a little high for my liking (430 on ultra) so I went about ways to lower it.


All you need is a standard gearbox shim and you can drop the fps down to 340-355 on Abbey ultra :D


Here's how..


Strip the gun down and remove the BBU.

Pop the pin out that holds the floating valve in place.

Remove the valve and spring.

Pop your shim in the hole you valve and spring sits in followed by the spring and then the valve.



end product should look like this.






Gas consumption is good at 3 and a bit mags on one fill. Power "creep" was not an issue on .2's and .25's as the muzzle energy on both was around 1.04j. However .4's saw the output shoot up to 1.52j. (all values taken on ultra and room temp over 10 shots)

FPS on Red Gas was @400 on .2's

Muzzle report was noticeably lower and blowback was unchanged.


Nice little shooter now I've removed all the clutter. :)



Needs red dot ;)


Hope this helps



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Good fix there Kalashnikov_kid, my chrono died (charger failed battery pack went up insmoke taking chrono withit) while on loan to a friend so am not doing anything with mine till i get a new one.


I did manage to pick up a beech stock on ebay for a whopping £17.5 posted :)


our local 99p store has 200ml(high content too not just vapour) cans of duster gas in atm for, you guessed it 99p


shooting test put this rifle at AWESOME with all my rounds from .28 thru .4

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_kid: I'd be sure to pick up a fair few extended mags and an RA-T extended mag catch, you're going to be doing a lot of reloads. It never surprises me how fast I burn through the normal mags, and I use mine with an ACOG in a DM type role.

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I just came back from an outing 2 hours ago at Mr. Paintball in San Diego, CA.


My friend just picked up a stock KJW 10/22 Rifle with 7 mags. The last scenario game of the day I borrowed the 10/22 and ran with it for a good 2 hours. The gun's weight, quietness, range and accuracy surpassed all my expectations. I had so much fun with it that I have decided to pick one up for myself.The farthest confirmed kill i got was a torso shot on a player roughly 150-175 feet out. He didn't see me and stood in the open :)


I've already decided to scrap my MRP Magpul Build and go with this instead. Excellent piece

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Been out with mine today :) love it to bits. chrono in the morning said 410fps with .2 (variance of +/- 7fps) will chrono tomorrow morn with .4's also as i was running late for the briefing today.

At my local site semi only rifles are allowed to 420fs with a 60ft MED (large woodland site) this was bang on using .4s everything i shot at within 55 meters was generally hit first time or in the case of heavy foliage a double tap made it through. not quite as accurate at long range as my vsr but that has 80fps over this gun. a tight bore would be a great upgrade but i'd have to meter down the fps to stay in site limits.

Need to get me some bigger mags!

as a scout rifle i think i have found the best gun this side of a tm m14socom. damm good job KJW :) i am not a total ruger .22 fan have this and a pair of silenced Mk1's to terrorise the airsoft world with.

My KC02 in scout rifle setup, aimpoint nice and far forward gives great balance and pointability, peq box behind has green laser and light (because i can and i give a lot of fire indications to my team)


need to strip and restain the stock and possibly find a sling.


my mk1 just for kicks

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Possibly handy new product from TSC:




From what I can tell, it allows you to put on a normal AEG M4 buffer tube, instead of the really weird one the gun comes with. The supplied tube is very much on the thin side (even my CTR with the friction lock applied is wobbly) and it does open up a few options in terms of attaching a UBR or other types of stock that aren't of the conventional collapsible type.

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