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Remington XP-100


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As the Australians say, I was only yanking ya tit mate :P


That's what I like to do, at this ungodly hour, when I pull an all-nighter and want something other than my actual work to do.


I suppose in the Phillipines it is some normal hour atm?


I think I may have to call off the Arnies Custom Build Competition - the result is inevitable. I want you to win myself, and I'm entering!

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Don't see why you guys don't like the shine.



Ok, gotta admit I gave the last coat a slight fuzz to dull it down a notch. Full gloss was just too much and all it really did was highlight my mistakes (makes pits all the more visible) and I'm just about had it with trying to get a glass smooth finish. I'll have to leave this to cure for a few days if not a week even as I've had bad experiences with clear lacquer before where even though it was dry after a couple days, managed to get a print pattern from the fabric it was resting on.

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Thanks man.

Anyway, so while I'm making the trigger guard, anyone have suggestions for a swanky holster system for this? I was thinking the likes of a Bianchi X15. I'll have to make it myself though as I very much doubt it could fit an XP-100. Of course, having it in a shoulder holster means the muzzle will be at around my thigh. 


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I'm thinking of putting bullet loops on an armband of sorts. And since my barrel looks like it's had one too many cheeseburgers, It would probably be .308 rounds instead.



It's for style mostly. In-game I'm more like to swing the thing around in the air holding it by the barrel and run around like a kid who's had too much Kool-Aid. 



I like my single actions, but my Detonics would be better suited for the loadout.



Also I only load my Colts with 5 in-game. Shot myself in the foot too many times when accidentally pressing down on the hammer when holstered.

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Prefer belt slides or ammo wallets myself, but realistically it's more likely a speed loader in a pocket. Looks like I'll be going the bandolier route. All this time I was just messing with the assembled gun, shoulder holster not a problem. Tried the scope on and BAM! The most uncomfortable thing you could put under your pits. 

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Yup, have those images on file thanks. Never figured out what that leather piece up front was for though as that seems to be the only one I've seen with it. From my research, most XP users opt for a sling over any form of holster due to its increased bulk over T/C Contenders. Personally I'm just looking for an excuse to work with leather again and I really liked the retro Bianchi styling, however incompatible with what I wanted to use it with. Maybe I'll just make that X15 for something else.



Concerning the holster, I think I'm sold:


Not really sold, mind, that's $160 minimum and I'm guessing one for a 15" scoped XP-100 would probably cost well over $200 so I'm still making my own.

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I dissapear for ages, Hear about an Arnies build comp, reappear to see whats happening and i see RG's already won it.



Building comp + RG = Win by default. :P

Exellent build dude, if your looking for holster designs look up cowboy action shooting mare's leg holsters. otherwise known as a "Mare's Boot"


In the second image you can see the point of the "Saddle ring" on lever-action rifles :P


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Thanks Danke. What confused me most was why it had a snap button on one end so I keep thinking it's some wonky kind of vertical grip like on Mac-10s.



I dunno, I'm really liking the Guides Choice chest holster in the link I put earlier. Though my Serbu shotgun does seem to be begging for that leg rig.


For updates, made the trigger guard/magazine base plate. Ended up a little more complex than I first imagined, but it works and I'm done. It's currently being painted now and will assemble it tomorrow or Friday.




After that I'm pretty much done. However I may update it later should I go through with replicating the dog leg bolt handle. I'll still need to order the torch and  Lumiweld for that so it's not happening any time soon.

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