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GHK AUG First Impressions

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So it seems Im one of the first to get the new GHK baby so I figured I give a small review/impression.   1. Packaging   I usually don't bother with it however the packaging wasn't the best. The gu

Depends on your definition of disappointment.    First GHK AK (one that had a AEG style hop unit) was so bad it wasn't worth the effort to fix.  I would say that would be a major disappointment  

It's typical airsoft, it's relatively low batch production to begin with and we're dealing with mechanical parts that don't have the most stringent tolerances all trying to work together, every now an

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Hello everyone,



On this gun loadout, I will show you my second main gun, a GHK Steyr AUG, with all its features and modifications. I will thus be able to show you the accessories that I have chosen to install, but also the changes made to improve the performance of the gun.


Video link:


Here is the list of items installed on my GHK Steyr AUG:

-Caméra Foxeer Legend 2: http://www.foxeer.com/legend2.html


Good viewing.

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Hey, what kind of hexwrench do you guys use to take the optical sight off to put a rail on top? I haven't fonud short enough hex head to fit in there. Not that the optic is that bad, but using the 'short carbine' barrel kit, I'd like a red dot instead of  the scope for the close engagement range.


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On 4/6/2017 at 11:16 AM, Reppyboyo said:

What hop buckings are people using?


I've never really been impressed with my AUG's range or accuracy whilst using it and would like to upgrade, cant really justify the cost of a VSR hop chamber though.

I'm using a prommy wide bore barrel and prommy flat hop.  My gun was majorly joule creeping with heavier ammo, but now my fps has dropped and I'm sending .36's and .4's out past 200'.

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