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anyway, i'll use this space to practise my german


Hallo, mein nama(spellng?) ist crandall. Ich bin dreizhen jahr alt. Ich habe zwei katze. Meine katzes namas bin holly, und molly. Ich habe blonde haare, und grun augen.



My german friend luis says:

du bist klein, blond und nervig! und hoer auf lindsey lohan zu verfolgen!

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oh *fruitcage* this, im sick of you people judging me. talk about biting the hand that feeds, i gave you everything and you just chuck it back in my bloody face well ive had enough


im out

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ffs i knew you wouldnt care any way, you heartless *beep*, just stop posting to mock me, i just want to get out of here and leave

just critisism and complaints non stop, with the bloody popularity contests and the circle jerking, shove it all

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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