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i'd go for bareknuckle over anything else.


also, that Les Paul custom somebody posted, is the boobies. love bigsby's, love flame maple, just not a big fan of les paul's. but thats a good one.


give me a hollowbody birdseye maple Telecaster with bigsby any day of the week.......

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i'd go for bareknuckle over anything else.


also, that Les Paul custom somebody posted, is the boobies. love bigsby's, love flame maple, just not a big fan of les paul's. but thats a good one.


give me a hollowbody birdseye maple Telecaster with bigsby any day of the week.......


That'd be me and thank ya.

The LP is actually my bros. I'm more of a Strat or Super Strat man myself.


Also, a thinline Tele with a Bigsby would be nice for me, but I have other axes to buy/make on my list first.



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I just can't buy enough Japanese-made Strats at the moment. I love them.


I'm looking for one with a Trans Blue FotoFlame finish, but they're quite rare.




I've been lookng for a Japanese 68RI, but I've always put it off or never had the cash on hand.

I've also been contemplating just buying a 68 neck and putting it on my Oly White MIM strat. No use in having two Oly White strats, I guess.


Ive also been looking for a Mesa Dual Recto. Anyone have an opinion on them?

I think I can get one for $800 US, but its a stretch.

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Mr. Postman brought me two lovely goodies this morning!


My new DiMarzio HS-3 pickup, and an AxesRUs Fender Stratocaster wiring kit.


The pickup is for the neck position - to complement the Seymour Duncan SSL-4 Quarter Pound in the bridge.


The wiring kit is because;


A./ The DiMarzio needs 500K pots, and the standard ones are 250K




B./ My guitar kept cutting out. They do say the only thing wrong with some of these Japanese imports is the wiring/electrical components. I think it's my switch.


So I went to AxesRUs.com, which is a UK-based business run by a couple in Hull.


I didn't want aftermarket parts - I wanted original Fender OEM. AxesRUs use exactly the same components as Fender do.


£20.00 got me a complete wiring kit, which includes; wire (d'uh), 5-way switch with the tip colour of my choice, mono jack socket, 500K volume pot, 2 x 500K tone pots, an Orange Drop cap., plus all the fixtures and fittings.


Oh, and free UK shipping.





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Man, I always wanted one of those BOSS Micro BR-1 things, but I just don't have the cash atm :(


I'm still lusting after an ESP Snapper CTM. Millenium Music have the exact one I want here;




Quilted maple top, aquamarine blue, maple neck... lovely :lol:


Trouble is, I'm a student, and have never in my life owned the princely sum of £4,123.99 that they want for it, and I can't see myself getting that kind of money any time soon - plus there's the £150.00 odd it'll cost me to have it scalloped :rolleyes:


So then I hear about Edwards guitars. For anyone who doesn't know, Edwards are ESP's that are made for the Japanese market, and not for export. They're made with the top hardware, on the best ESP production lines, and easily come up to the standard of ESP Originals - the fit and finish is top notch. Plus, they're cheap to boot, or so the internet would have me believe.


They do an Edwards Snapper model, and there's one on eBay at the moment ( http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...s%3DI%26otn%3D2 ).


I thought this was awesome, but I've been reading around and it seems Edwards don't do the colour I wanted (the blue burst like the ESP), don't do the maple neck, and all their Snappers have Floyd Rose tremelos (which I hate).


So do I settle for a guitar I might not like, or just wait until there's a point in my life where I might have four grand (not sure how likely this is, what with airsoft and all :rolleyes:)?



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OK, so I found an Edwards in the colour I want! It even has a cool matching colour headstock... Still with that Floyd Rose though. All Edwards Snappers have them. It has a maple neck as well.


I hate those Floyd Rose's though - they're hard to tune, hard to change a string, and just generally a pain in the *albartroth*.


If it wasn't for that, I'd buy it immediately.


I guess I'll save up for my dream ESP instead :(





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You could get a Tremel-no. A device which turns your locking trem into basically a hard tail. Giving you the look, and the super low action benefits of a locking trem without the craptastic effects if you break a string.


And we all love micro tuner pegs. God send for tiny adjustments

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Hehehehhee I abandoned the Edwards idea, since I saw, and put a deposit on, one of THESE babies;




It is priced at £1649.00, and is going up this year about half as much again, apparently.


These are handmade in a custom shop in Japan (where all the best guitars come from ;)) - there are only six employees, producing only 40 guitars a month, and the company founder/owner still clocks in every day to hand finish, set up, and then play test each model.


The guy, Mr. Itaru Kanno, was the head of the Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop in the 1980s, before he split to form his own company, Caparison.


I got it direct from Japan for a steal, and am due to pay the balance sometime in April - can't wait!




EDIT:: Oh yeah, the name of that guitar is the Caparison Horus in Scarab Gold.

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My fender i got 6 years ago its a basic squire:



My yamaha classical for those metallica riffs:



My limited edition ESP flying V american model only 500 of these made, gibson parts and EMG active pick ups:





My Kirk hammet kh602,

■Neck-Thru-Body Construction

■25.5” Scale

■Alder Body

■Maple Neck

■Rosewood Fingerboard

■42mm Locking Nut

■Extra Thin U Neck Contour

■24 XJ Frets

■Black Hardware

■ESP Tuners

■Floyd Rose 1000 Series Bridge

■EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active p.u.





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I love everything about those guitars, apart from the EMG's - don't you find they just have no tone of their own?


What kind of rig are you playing them through?




EDIT:: Good idea on the specs!


Here's my new Caparison Horus;




Neck Joint: Bolt on Neck

Head Stock: Devil's Tail with Gold Horus Inlay

Head Angle: 15 degrees

Machine Heads: Gotoh SG381-07 H.A.P

Neck Material: Hard Maple

Neck Grip: Caparison

Fingerboard Material: Rosewood

Neck Scale: 628mm (24 3/4 inch.)

Nut Width: 42mm

No. of Frets: 27 Frets

Frets: Jumbo

Nut: Schaller R2

Position Inlay: Clock

Body Shape: Horus

Body Material: Mahogany

Bridge: Schaller S-FRT II

Neck Position: Caparison SH-27F

Bridge Position: Caparison BH-IIR

Controls: Master Volume with 2-Way Pickup Selector Switch

Head Top:Gloss Black

Neck Finish: Oil Finish

Body Finish: Scarab, Thunder Cloud, Black Night, Yellow Sand (Graphic Gloss)

Hardware Color: Gold

Tuning: Regular

Strings: Dean Markley Nickelsteel Light (.009~.042)

Accessories: Hard Case(CAG-1), Adjustable Wrench



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EMG have the best tone in my opinion thats why all my ESPs have them for metal its the one to have


wow those specs look expensive !


my rig:

marshall valve state 80 (5 years old)


practice =

line 6 spider amp 2 (there is a 4 now so thats how old this is)

Boss Cube 15


Org dunlop wah wah cry baby


i mostly only play metal and some classic metal ie iron maiden, led zepplin, black sab etc

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Awesome! But why the SD hot rails if you're a Malmsteen fan?


Also, how is the neck for you? I have a Mexican Strat around here somewhere, and not only is the bridge about 3mm out of position, but the neck has a couple of dead spots on it.



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how does the dropped pickup effect tone and volume ? looks mint though.


i've got a limited edition mexican fender Satin Strat, and its amazing. im a tele man all the way, never entertained the idea of a strat. as i was walking past in the guitar shop to check out the fender '72 custom tele i was buying, the strat caught my eye because of the colour and finish. i picked it up and had a quick go, and it was pukka. loved it. in fact i ended up buying it there and then and having to postpone the '72 tele. being limited edition i didnt want to miss out on it.


cost the same and has the same hardware as a mexican std strat, but they only did the 'satin' finishes for a year, in only 5 or 6 colours. never seen another being played, but they wern't overly rare. i'll find a pic in a bit.

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valve state is fantastic takes some time to warm up, like 5 minutes but its one of the best amps i have seen


looking at fixing up my fender squire, new pick ups fan of hendrix and murray


was looking a a custom heroglyphics pick guard and seymores single colils


but then i can only go one way class strat or iron maiden

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