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Where do your guns sleep at night?

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So, this looks like a harmless Ibanez Electric Guitar Case. I could walk around town with this and nobody would care.






Heck, some stranger might even ask to check out my guitar -- but that's where the problem begins!


First of all, the case could either hold a guitar, or it could hold:



... nothing!




a G36K!




a M16 SPR!




a M4A1 Sopmod Kit!




a M870A1 TPS!




a MP5A3!




During road trips, that is where my guns live. Where do your guns call home?

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Too bad i dont have the gun at home... not even close to home..

as i live in the netherlands, airsoft-replika's are forbidden by law period.


so my gun is stored almost 200km from my own bed :(

inside a tight real guncase waiting untill i get some time to make the trip to my gun.

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