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You are a pirate


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Aside from becoming a future world-wide gay anthem, it's not very historically acurate is it?


There's nothing about scurvy, flogging, starvation, beastings, shrapnel wounds, amputations, long months of remorseless sodomy...

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Having seen that, I feel like I want to pour petrol in my ears, set light to it, and then headbutt my keyboard with a pencil in each eye.


Is this to be expected, or is it just me?



Um...although, I did buy a 'Lolly' single because I liked the song...

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Sorry, Crandall, my apologies.


I have since been reliably informed by a great uncle that being a pirate did actually involve a lot of 'womanly merriment' once landfall was made and the sodomy was only a small part of the overall piratey package.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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