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    And then there is the Gatling...
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    As I became recently addicted to lever action rifles, let's see if this thread can go on a while. So far my Western Collection consists of four rifles A&K Winchester M1892 Carbine (gas, wood version) Umarex Winchester M1894 Carbine (CO2, shellejecting) KTW Winchester M1873 Carbine (springer) KTW Winchester M1873 Rifle (springer) A&K is a piece of , Umarex is a joy to shoot and with 3D printed sheels it could be made skirmishable (with added hopup and power reduction), plus it needs a wood set to replace the not-too-bad plastic furniture. KTWs are the nicest modelwise, partial Winchester markings are present on stock. OOB Carbine does not shoot bad (about 1.5J with .30), range is decent (hit person at 40metres) - need to try the Rifle still, but the reloading is PITA and can wear the hand quickly if shooting fast... well untill the moment you find a gas conversion set from Korea. If all goes well, it should arrive sometimes next week. So now I need to decide if Carbine or Rifle should be converted to gas... Now I need to get me some SAA Colts, would prefer Colt Navy though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have added a rifle since the picture was taken. The Sharps rifle (and the carbine ) fires Tanaka Cassiopeia 50cal shells.
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    I had the same dilemma and converted the carbine.the rifle is the better gun of the two in standard form and so the carbine became relegated to being a spare. Once the gas system was fitted, it was transformed.
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    Its not a Glock mag but its made to look like one. Its got a flatter top angle and different valve placement. *Probably* a catch cutout in the back side as well. too bad they didn't go with an uzi style mag instead. And then go ahead and make an uzi too.
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    This thread is for sharing pics of your war room, gun wall, gear hangers, or nasty pile of dirty uniforms. I'll go first. Gun wall, from left to right, top to bottom: TM M870, converted to British L74A1 TM M870, converted to UKSF-spec Remington 870 CA M249, converted to UKSF-spec L110A1 G&P M249, Mk48/Maximi conversion in progress Echo 1 M240, converted to British L7A2, with spare barrel VFC/Avalon MP5A5, with real Surefire foreend British Mk7 helmet with strap-mounted PVS21 shroud ACH helmet, with 3 hole PVS21 shroud ACH helmet, with 1 hole PVS21 shroud Krytac CRB, converted to UKSF-spec C8 CQB (circa 2010) Krytac CRB, converted to UKSF-spec C8 CQB (circa 2005) Krytac SPR, converted to UKSF-spec L119A1 SFW (circa 2002) G&P AR15-A2 with Krytac gearbox, set up as Diemaco C7 You can see a frightening amount of kit on the table below. Paraclete RAV, SOHPC, DPM ops vest, belt kit, NI chestrig, a smattering of Blackhawk, mid-2000s SAS black kit, etc... And a shot of the whole room. Yes, that is a giant whiteboard on the wall opposite the guns. I'm terrible at keeping track of which guns are working and which need maintenance, so I write it down as I go.
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    I didn't make a build log before completing it as I had no idea whether it was actually going to work out, but here's a conversion of the GHK AUG to replicate the real AUG LMG variant used by the Austrian military and... nobody else, as far as I can tell. The real LMG consisted of basically just a normal AUG, but with two changes: A 24" barrel with integral bipod, and (doctrinally) 42rd magazines rather than the normal 30. There was a drop-in trigger pack that converted the gun to fire from an open bolt, but for all intents and purposes, the AUG LMG is basically just a different barrel and a permission slip to use extended mags and full auto. So, there were really two parts to this: Building the 24" barrel setup, and building a hicap magazine so that it could actually be used in an LMG role for airsoft purposes. First, the barrel: Unfortunately, I could not find an airsoft replica of the original H-Bar bipod, and I wasn't going to sacrifice a real one for this, so I settled on a modern Ratworx bipod. This is an original design based on a combination of the AUG bipod and the Steyr SSG 08 bipod, and while not completely accurate to the original, I think it still looks the part (and works quite well, too). To get the 24" barrel length, I used a combination of barrel extensions. In the process, I discovered that GHK's 20" barrel is actually a bit short. Since I have a real AUG to refer to, this was rather puzzling, since they both appear to have the same length- I eventually realized that on the GHK ones, the locking nut that secures the flash hider is actually cast as part of the flash hider, so the barrel is a bit shorter to compensate. So, I ended up using about 5" of barrel extension. From front to back: -Angel Custom AUG H-Bar flash hider (intended for AEGs, but it's standard 14mm negative, so works fine) -Ratworx bipod locking nut and Ratworx bipod, over a 2" barrel extension with the outer diameter reduced from ~18mm to 17mm. I don't have a lathe, so this was a royal pain in the *albatross*. Once I reduced the diameter sufficiently for the bipod and locking nut to fit, I drilled into the barrel extension and tapped the hole for a small grub screw, which hits a shelf on the bipod about in the middle and stops it from sliding back further. -1" barrel extension -2" barrel extension, with another grub screw at the rear. The grub screw is there because of an issue I found with the bipod- the locking nut incorporates a grub screw that acts as a travel stop, so that the bipod only has about 45 degrees of rotation to either side. When the gun is set on the ground, it falls over, the travel stop hits the bipod, and the remaining momentum (or even just weight) was sufficient to start unscrewing any part of the barrel or barrel extension that relied on a friction fit. So, all the barrel extension parts are epoxied together, and then the combined extension unit is secured to the barrel threads with that grub screw, in the same manner as the cheesy plastic flash hiders that come pinned to most AEGs. So, that's the bipod. Relatively straightforward. Now the magazine. This is a hybrid of the top 2/3 of a GHK mag mated to the lower 2/3 of a TM mag, with an ugly seam where I had to resculpt part of the joint due to a chop saw-induced mishap. It's easier to understand what's going on if I overlay the internals over the shell: So, at the top, the GHK magazine internals have been cut very short. The original gas reservoirs had threaded caps on the bottom, so I had the brilliant idea to measure the threading, order an appropriate tap, and tap the remaining stub of the front reservoir to insert the original plug. Unfortunately, while the threads are definitely 17mm diameter and 1mm thread pitch, the threading cut by an M17x1 tap was too shallow, and inserting the plug ground off its threads. So, it was epoxied in place, and a grub screw was inserted from either side to provide additional support and then ground flush. I then drilled through the middle of the plug, tapped it for 1/8" NPT, and inserted a 45 degree elbow followed by a 6mm push-connect adapter. Only the front gas reservoir actually leads to the valve, so that was the gas system sorted, but I still had to make more changes to the GHK part of the mag. For starters, I needed to secure the mag to the shell, since normally GHK mag internals are held on at the baseplate. This was easy; I just drilled a hole for a cross pin, cut a nail to length, and peened the end slightly to get a good friction fit in the shell. The other issue was reloading, since obviously a hicap normally fills from the top. This was my solution: I drilled out the fill valve threading to 6mm, countersunk a larger hole, and inserted a 6mm ID O-ring which stays via a friction fit. The hole on the back of the shell is sized for a speedloader, so the mag is reloaded by inserting a speedloader and then just shoving BBs through the O-ring. They drop into what used to be the rear gas reservoir, which opens into the body of the magazine. Simple. At the bottom of the mag, I cut down the TM hicap internals as pictured, and epoxied a length of spring tubing to the hicap's feed track. The hicap internals secure to the baseplate: So, no further modification was needed. To get the spring tubing to fit through the feed track on the GHK side, however, I had to run a 8mm drill bit up from the bottom and down through the top. This was a bit nerve-wracking as it would have been very easy to chew through the front of the mag.After all the internal work was done, I cut a pair of 1" x 4" plates from some 1/8" steel sheet, and epoxied them in place to connect the two mags. Unfortunately, I had accidentally mangled the top of the TM mag when cutting it on my chop saw, as the plastic used on it was much more brittle than the GHK mag and it chipped. So, I had to do a bit of reconstructive surgery at the joint, which I did using a mixture of steel-reinforced JB Weld epoxy putty (for strength) and Kneadatite hobby epoxy (for sculptability) in about a 2:1 ratio. After that was fixed and all the test fitting went well, I spray painted the whole thing. The join is noticeable up close, but I was more concerned about durability, so I think it worked out alright in the end. The final hicap holds about 450 BBs, and can feed 250-300 on a single full wind, so should be usable for an LMG role. Because the barrels are quick-swappable, and the HPA conversion was done to the magazine, I can swap from gas-in-mag rifle to HPA light machine gun in just a few seconds: Next on the agenda is making at least one more hicap, and modifying an Odin speedloader to work with these. With a competent A-gunner, I'm thinking even two magazines should be enough to maintain constant fire, with the A-gunner reloading and rewinding one mag while I shoot the other.
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    We're getting very close to a Colt 9mm SMG here. Pretty cool.
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    Minor mods on my Nighthawk. A tasteful Pachmayr grip, because yes we can, and yes we must. Love on you all.
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    I've been posting the occasional update on Reddit, but thought I'd share here too. I'm using what I *think* is parts from a G&G FS51 to create something like the image below: So far I've taken the stock and moved the crook backwards to look closer to the correct stock, here's the original compared to what I've made: Next to the stock is the quick change barrel handle that I've made using ABS sheet plastic, cut on the bandsaw and layered using a coldweld solvent: Here's what I've made so far, using aluminium tube for the handguard, sawed out and shaped with files. The cocking tube and outer barrel have been cut and extended using 20mm steel tube, and are epoxied and pinned in place. The box mag has had the internals stripped out and replaced with a 16mm push button: Next up is the new magwell/feedtray which will be aluminium sheet, and adding the upper rails to the reciever and cocking tube, these parts are due in next week. The box mag will be mounted onto a cut down G3 magazine, so that it can feed reliably and be easily be removed for the safezone. I have an FS51 lower and fire selector on the way, but potentially up to a 25 day wait due to the pandemic. More to follow!
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    My humble collection of cowboy guns.
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    After a couple weeks of waiting, the gun itself is done. I also added an RMR mount from Shapeways, so as to have a backup red dot for quicker acquisition at short range. The Haephaestus steel barrel is very nicely made. It didn't fit the barrel quite as tightly, so I had to shim it a bit, but otherwise it was easy to fit the gas block and get it all reassembled. Not really much more to say. The gun works and the barrels interchange. With the steel gas block and barrel, the gun actually is only half a pound lighter than the real thing, and the balance is identical. I'm looking forward to putting this through its paces.
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    G&D DTW: -Aimpoint PRO RS -Wilcox Industries Comp-M Mount -Raptor Ambi-Charging Handle -Noveske NSR 9 -FCC Multi Barrel G2 -B5 Systems Sopmod Bravo Stock -AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider -Noveske Keymod QD Direct Attach Swivel Mount -Bcmgunfighter Grip Short Keymod -MOE grip -Surefire M300 Mini Scout -AN/PEQ-15 LA5 -Insight Technology M3X Dual Pressure Switch -Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard
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    "One does simply buy a P230" And of course, you will need a gorjuice Hogue grip (who doesn't fit at all without mods by the way). Unicorn love on you all. Peace.
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    KSC USP, a lot of RA-Tech and Maple Leaf internal stuff (been awhile, I've had this gun since 2011), Shooter Design Slide, RA-Tech barrel. B&T/CCF Impulse-II suppressor (for the real gun, but a dummy), LDI BLAST LAM. Might have "Tactical" engraved on the slide in the future.
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    The ultimate Escape from Tarkov Obrez (PPS based)
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    Hey, no worries. The WA imports I was talking about were personal ones, admittedly given the quantity and frequency you could be forgiven for thinking I was a business 😹 Any other WA questions, just shout.
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    Thing is, it's a PTW - that thing set me back €1,000 and no offence but I wouldn't really trust some random guy who I've never met to import it for me. I mean, once I've played a few skirmishes and got to know some of the guys it might be an option but by that point I might as well get my own UKARA membership. Also I'd kind of prefer to leave that one in Sweden anyway, Berget is a special game, it deserves a special rifle
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    Been such a long time since i've actually posted I cant even remember what my user name was :-D Needed some spray an pray in my life seeing as been about 10 years since I last owned an AEG. Had forgotten what its like having hi-caps rattling around...
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    - Me : "I need a break." - Banker : "Yeah, tell me about that !"
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    3.6kg, not great, not terrible

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