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  1. I really dig the filter combination on these.
  2. Any sort of RS kit..optics, flashlights etc.
  3. Man it amazes how far you've come from your initial videos. Everything well deserved. If i can offer critique, it would be be that there is echo in the room. It could be solved by sound proofing or by using a remote mic on your t-shirt (best imo).
  4. @Gunmane This is where you bring the leaf suit...jesus the amount of leaves there...!
  5. I never got around to visiting Scotland. Shoot me a date and i'm up for that.
  6. More or less my first public skirmishing video!! Testing out gopro 7 black and coloring.
  7. When #arniesairsoft meant quakenet not instagram...then it died...then facebook killed phpbb... 🍻
  8. I only just saw this vid the other day. Sounds like an A-10... Isn't that the one that was sold in here a while back??
  9. jal3

    CZ Picture Thread

    G&P I5, G&G M4, Ares Amoeba M4, CA Scarab, ASCU aftermarket part (this is in the EVO as well)...Titan? PTW? In all good spirits, it must be appropriate to ask if you've lived under a rock...
  10. I am now getting to an age where the people i meet don't even know what a CRT is :/
  11. If it wrecks soft BB's, it'll make hard BB's inaccurate as well. Almost all BB's have a finely tuned (or in some cases, not fine) wax surface on them that's part of how the BB performs.
  12. All we need now is a HPA setup for the SGR-12.
  13. @Typewrite: This is why the SGR-12 is worth the extra money!
  14. I won't say it don't fit, but the endplate is formed with round edges that match a nimh mini pack. Won't know until you try.
  15. www.transferwise.com for international transfers. Total shill here. They give the best exchange rates and lowest fee. Significantly cheaper than banks and paypal. Eg. i just transferred £290 to DKK for a £2 fee at exchange rate 8.43987. XE changerate is 8.43922, so basicly the same. It's a total cost of 0.8%. Paypal would end up charging probably 8-10% (3.4% base fee + bad exchange rate cost). Transferwise usually has the money transferred within 24h, if not the same day.
  16. Used that spell to lock a boss stunned some time ago. He would run across it and slip or something, combined with a enter/leave based AOE spell? Fire orb or something. Other idea i had was to use fog spell and familiar. The familiar would be a bat with echo location, and then i could use that to transfer touch based spells through the familiar in the fog. Never did try it though.
  17. At what point should you just get a rifle instead...
  18. Still chromatic abberation
  19. www.peecee.dk allows direct links. But it's a bit old school now.
  20. jal3

    CZ Picture Thread

    "configurable burst mode - from 1 up to 255 BBs shot on one quick trigger pull, this setting works in all modes containing burst" Just what i needed, 255rnd burst setting.
  21. Sorry, it is not text, but rather the stippled white line. I've taken an enlarged screenshot of it: http://peecee.dk/upload/view/466810/full You can also see a purple shift next to the white squares and other places. It is seen in ares where there are sharp contrast differences (ie. white line in black). I don't know if your camcorder has a manual mode where you can adjust aperture/f-stop, but if it has, it might be worth playing around with this and see what results you get. A higher f-stop has the advantage longer field of depth, so things will be better in focus when you moved the
  22. I watched your videos and couldn't help but notice that you had chromatic abberation, especially appearent in the lower left white text. It's the purple bloom/shift. I struggled with this until i learned that my lense had limitations in picture quality beyond just aperature etc. Typically, a lense will have 1 specific fstop that gives the optimal clarity overall clarity (chromatic abberation being one reason), and then quality tapers off to either side. You can take a look at this website: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/ISO-12233-Sample-Crops.aspx The tool there will allow you t
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