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  1. The pistol is a KSC Glock 19, the fits perfect, cant fault it. I used to use a fobus holster and it was horrible, didnt fit properly and took a lot of effort to unholster it.
  2. Its a Serpa Glock 19 Holster on a Blackhawk Strike platform.
  3. HK53 = Beautiful, Good job
  4. AussMurphy, the gun fell off a chair I put it on and the top receiver snapped. Will be replacing it with a metal body when I get enough Cash.
  5. COXY

    Armalite Pictures

    Yep, you are correct, you did see a Crack. TM bodies are very weak and as soon as I get enough cash together I will be buying a Metal body.
  6. Yes, there was a simple loadout I have put together. After Watching The film Bravo Two zero, A film that I really enjoyed, I decided to try and recreate the Gear they used and try to get a paint job similar to the ones they had on their M16/203. Thanks everyone else for the comments
  7. Yeah, Right click - "show picture"
  8. Lovely pic and great looking guns you have there FarEast. What mag Holster is that in the bottom left corner?
  9. Well they are guns in a room Its more of a Weapons Dump.
  10. Damn fine Meximan you got there son Nice gun aswell, the camo looks very affective.
  11. Yes, well spotted. It was the closest gun I had to hand and seemed the most appropriate for the pic at the time. Never used it for skirmishes so I aint really bothered about it standing out, I only use it for pics. Wish I had an SA80 that would have been better.
  12. Sorry about that chaps, hope it works this time...
  13. My M16 and my mates MP5-J....
  14. My M16 and my mates MP5-J....
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