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  1. busy as fruitcage.

  2. My Protec Ace wakeboard helmet, as modeled by my gf: So far just a NVG mount plate and Rhino arm and cat's-eye band. Still needs velcro (for my IR patches), OPSCore 4 pt chin strap, MS2000 strobe, and goggle retention straps. All but the strap are in the mail. I used it at Bulldog IV last year, saved me from some bumps a couple times. http://www.oplionclaws.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=28884 Also, just got my MICH 2000 in the mail yesterday. Got a few accy's coming in, so here's a "before" pic: Yes, it's real.
  3. Kraut

    $1K club.

    PTS make PTW/WE specific BADs.
  4. Very nice! What BUIS are you using on the first one? Real or replica? If replica, where did you come across them? It's very similar to a build I'm working on, and I like how it looks!
  5. That guy from The Hangover with the NZ SAS in Afghanistan http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3250647/Ph...f-SAS-in-action
  6. When I saw Appslapp had posted in a picture thread, I knew it was going to be awesome. I was not disappointed. Well done
  7. Um, is that poo in the last pic? lol Otherwise, nice pics. I like the Protecs (?) in the 2nd.
  8. I can fit one M14 mag in each pocket of my EI/SKD Universal chest rig. Very secure yet accessible. I highly recommend it. Also has room (molle) on either side for more pockets.
  9. Woot, mine came in today too! They're right when they say they don't work very well on carbine-length hand guards. My wrist is at the worst angle that close.
  10. uscmCorps, what make are the mag pouches? Could you throw up some pics of the ammo side? Thanks, nice belt kit! I've been wanting something similar. It get's too hot here in the summer. Angel, nice set up! How well does the belt set up work with the drop-legs attached directly to it?
  11. What'd you do to my baby?? Just kidding, looks real nice! Just need to clean up that custom mount and it would be awesome. I hated lugging that thing around lol
  12. Yeah, I wish I had my G&G gearbox for comparison. I haven't worked on it yet, since I fried the trigger contact. I'm waiting to buy a new one before I put it all back together.
  13. So, since uscmCorps hasn't responded to any of my PMs in months about selling these, if anyone is able to replicate this antenna, please give me a shout. I have 5 to 10 buyers ready, waiting, and eager.
  14. I tried it the other day, and it's very tight. It will go until it has about an inch to go, then gets stuck. I'm not 100% on where it's binding up at yet. I'm going to have to go at it with a dremel.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I'm looking to build an M14 similar to the one used in the Blackhawk Down movie. I had some pretty good success with my EOTech on my old CA SOCOM (before it was stolen ) so the reflex sight on an M14 appealed to me. I kind of liked the AP configuration in Blackhawk Down. We'll see, if I can get this damned M14 working again... I want to turn my G&G into an M21/DMR M14 type deal, but I'm not sure whether to keep the plastic stock, or go for wood and give the much sturdier G&G stock to the CA.
  16. Probably not, considering the last time I held an M16 was basic 4 years ago. I don't even carry the M9 I'm trained on when I deploy. I sit in a jet and burn circles in the sky. The shooters who need to train on accuracy already do On the flip side, I'd love to see a Marine try to use the computer system on the AWACS. On Topic, Are DMR M14/21s primarily wood or composite stock? Most seem painted, so I couldn't really tell with my meager searching. Also, anyone ever mount an AP on a regular scope mount? Is it too high or what? Thanks.
  17. Please move over here and bring them all with you! Thanks!
  18. What vest are you wearing? I like the darker tan color of it.
  19. You have to cut out a bit of the foam around the left ear in order for it to fit properly. Otherwise it just sits cockeyed and it's very uncomfortable, with both helmet and headset digging into you. It's only a bit of foam, it's not like you're tearing it all out.
  20. So, anyone using a Magpul product is a fanboy. Got it. Whan, I've been wanting to buffertube my battery, but I can't find details on the mod. How is your wiring set up?
  21. Airsoft is 99% about looks. All airsoft guns shoot 6/8mm plastic BBs. The only difference is what they look like on the outside. If we really preferred functionality over the military-style of airsoft, we'd be paintballers. Costa is cool and all, but overall, I don't live on the Emerald Ilse. I live in dusty Oklahoma. FDE works better than black or OD here. Would be even more awesome if they came out with an "Oklahoma Red Dirt" color scheme Overall, who cares? People will buy what they want to buy, for whatever reason. Why does it bother you?
  22. I turned mine around backwards too, the buckles were getting in the way of the stock. I like mine better that way. Is there a way to get the cummerbund separately? I just have the PC.
  23. Skyflash, what's your personal lanyard attached to in the back? Just the belt loop? Is that secure enough, or just convenient?
  24. Question is, why not? Very nice set up, Ben. I appreciate your hanging the flag correctly
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