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  1. I think they try and do some interesting stuff of their own, which is something at least, but man they talk a big game and don't ever seem to deliver much (other than in the aesthetics department).
  2. Not my work but I've had a few of these made in different camos over the past couple of years. Have been talking with a couple of different companies, hopefully within a few months they'll actually be available and in just about every camo that you can get gear made in.
  3. That's my bad, should've known. Thanks for trying though bud.
  4. Apologies in advance this is a tad lazy of me, but I've seen so many conflicting stories and I'm hoping someone might already have a solid, evidenced answer. I've accumulated WAY too many TM pistol mags the past decade or so, total waste having them all just sit there when I rarely play, but having heard stories of even mags that are totally empty with the valves removed being seized I'm not sure what to do. Pretty much any solid knowledge/experience folks have with regards services to use, rules they've checked etc would be appreciated. Don't wanna go with 'oh I just empty them and se
  5. That's the one. Hopefully that listing will stay there for a while.
  6. Good news, I guess my memory served me because the main widget you get in the Maglite AA kit fits pretty damn well on my regular and vampire Surefire scout heads. It's tight, takes a solid push to get on and a fair bit of wiggling and messing around to remove, but you know it's not going anywhere in game. If anyone's reading this and is interested, there's a guy on ebay if you search 'airsoft polycarbonate' who'll do disc of any size for £3, free postage. Setup sorted. There's cheaper ways obviously, but this is still way cheaper and easier than getting someone with a lot of technical
  7. Actually ponied up for a proper fancy pants charger with LED screens and everything.  Only took 14 years.

  8. Someone on here definitely said they worked years ago, I think it was @bladerunner168 maybe. Thanks for the suggestions though I'll look in to those as well.
  9. Got a CQB sesh booked in a couple of weeks, need to finally get around to covering up my surefire scout heads. Can't remember for the life of me, is this the kit that used to get recommended a lot to fit over SF lights? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maglite-AA-Accessory-Pack-Multicolour/dp/B00002ND52
  10. Many years ago I couldn't get the exact TM 1911 I wanted, so I had Mike Cripps of ESC build this one entirely out of stock TM parts i.e. high quality, all work together perfectly, assembled by someone with years and years experience building this platform Basic list: -MEU Slide, 3-dot sights and outer barrel -Desert Warrior frame with the removable pic rail -Ambi safety -Extra short 1911A1 trigger -Brand spanking grips, MSH, hop bucking and inner barrel from my M45A1 All other external parts and all internals are stock TM as mentioned, functions exactly like any
  11. Regular paint on the chamber and the part of the barrel that the bushing slides over is gonna last all of a few shots I'm pretty sure. The issue for me is they basically put the S70 Nickel finish on it and the RS is stainless/chrome looking but it's not mirror sheen like this thing. Not my area of expertise but I'd imagine a high quality 3D print of it could potentially work and stand up to the cycling.
  12. The gun is the ideal skirmishing 1911 far as I'm concerned, but I hate this bloody chrome barrel. The outers aren't compatible with legacy ones (different hop unit) and the black model has the same colour OB. I'm guessing I'm stuck with this though unless I go metal? And I can't help but feel a metal one will eat the locking recesses and other plastic parts. I do not like messing with the TM pixie dust one bit. It's just a whole chain reaction of bad.
  13. Trying find anything much in FG these days - not the easiest.
  14. Basic *badgeress* question, I'm assuming these BBUs make steel slides viable?
  15. Crye G3s, I dunno when they were made or who they were issued to but they've never been sold commercially in this combo of fabric and camo. You can get Drifires from AG-Tac, but for NYCO you just got to constantly scour every 2nd hand sales venue on the internet - which is where all the really rare stuff comes from.
  16. No manufacturer ever did the MGS3 pistol? That's weird af cause I swear I saw the MGS4 offered (WA or something?) and the 1911 is one of the main characters in Snake Eater.
  17. She's come a long way the old girl, I'd be interested to read the parts list.
  18. A few rare birds. Up until a couple of days ago I hadn't been home where any of my kit is for about 10 weeks since the start of lockdown, been waiting a long while to get this layout shot done.
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