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  1. Watch out, The Badgers been at it again, this time playing around with bits of g36's hes bad lying around. Namely, a CA36k gearbox, BE SL8 body, and a JG G36c front end and forgrip. The Badger proudly presents, in all of its unholy glory, the SL8C!
  2. It was in Super Bad, so in The Badgers eyes its all good, then again he remembers them also saying "fo show" and drawing strangely hilarious penis'...
  3. The Badger (in the back) as well as dropit987 (left) and some of the other beasts before a mike force game
  4. The Badger likes, but maybe a RPK stock and flash hider would look better?
  5. The Badger (after some badgering) actually quite likes this, its been a while since hes seen a g36 with a flat rail, hes not to sure about the red dot sight though, it somehow looks out of place to him, maybe an EOTECH, or another lower mounted one would look nicer
  6. You guys make him feel so proud *sniff* maybe he should stop referring to all forum goers as inbred Neanderthal swine... or better yet, he'll make a list and simply state that all forum goers with the exception of *insert names* are inbred Neanderthal swine... or maybe he should stop posting so this thread doesn't get more off topic
  7. Its the best kind (go ahead, try to prove him wrong) On a more related note, The Badger has to say, Lord Sex is now the official God of Geardos.
  8. So the Badger mistakes a nonvisable springer for an lpeg and is branded an idiot? As Bapiste pointed out, even the springer isnt able to shoot 290, so your point is still moot. Also to VSR-Joe, the badger posts in the third person, the first person would use the pronoun "I", second person, the pronoun "You" and the third person "He/She/It"
  9. The Badger has seen the good, he has seen the bad, he even once dated the ugly, but he has never seen anything like that..... also he enquirers as to how "Airsoftkid" managed to get an LPEG to shoot 290?
  10. Polar opposites? The Badger would agree that an ak of almost any varience would work for a PMC loadout, seeing as they're cheaper and much easier find than m4's And just so the Badger isnt spaming... Its old, but he figures that you'll live, and it maybe has something to do with PMC AK's
  11. The RIS pictured there is a G&G Tactical Hand Guard, cost the Badger $52 shipped from WGC http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...98_srch_g&g The Badger would point out however that the rails are plastic, and light weight (good thing or bad thing, your decision) and its a pain in the tail section to get the lower piece in properly, but with enough force, anything is possible
  12. Belay what he said, The Badger let his slave take a picture once, little bugger ran of with his camera, took The Badger six hours to coax him out of the attic... right into his sights. Worst thing is the stupid thing forgot the flash so the pictures he took were terrible. Moral of the story, dont let your slaves take pictures. Plus AK rail Pic!
  13. The Badger has never seen the issue with rails and AK's so heres his horrid blasphemy, a tacticalized G&G rk104
  14. The Badger has a theory why purists hate rails and optics on their aks. The badger reasons that all the purists actually own m4's and the like, and secretly despise Aks, so they conspire to keep AKs in the dark ages, They want to keep Western sights, rails, and forgrips off to stop the AKs from every being more effective than their precious western guns.*dons tinfoil hat*
  15. The Badger whole heartedly approves of this monstrosity, but figures that theres no point in a manufacturer making one, seeing as someone could just make a standard AK bullpup, then weld another one on either side. But going back to the Crysis SCAR, The Badger has regurgitated better looking things than that. No, just no.
  16. The Badgers "Beast Squad" Patch Hes too cheap to get real patches made so hes going to try making some with that iron on paper, he'll inform the masses of how it goes
  17. The Badger wonders why they limit the game to 300 people, he can only speculate as to how much they could make if they opened it to everyone... (220 x 300 = 60,000 at least) he guesses its something to do with using a military base... (not that they'd let The Badger on it anyway, bloody non-us citizen rules (mutters something about drafts))
  18. The Badger made one of those 10 round mags once, it didn't work, but at least he tried damn it!
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