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  1. Dark blue works much better at night then black.
  2. I used Krylon Camouflage tan, brown and green. I also used Rustoleum Camouflage brown. I cut a small section of digital squares, then based with tan. Used the stencil with brown, green dusted the whole weapon with tan and green. Then Rustoleum brown dusting with the stencil again. Took about 40 mins with dry time.
  3. I figured since there wasn't a topic for this I should start one. Here I am at a local game, I'm not too sure I'm that impressed with it. We will see as summer comes along.
  4. I'd like to see that TAG vest on RG Crye uniform.
  5. At least someone wears the backpanel the way that makes sense.
  6. I have never seen anyone use a lanyard in a turret. I did over 150 combat missions in a turret and I never wore one.
  7. Why don't you flip the battery pack upside down and run the wire inside the helmet?
  8. Hang em off a loop of 550 cord, that is like the slowest way to employ a chemlight.
  9. You should've photoshopped his top button being undone.
  10. I actually think your kit looks good, I'd just police up those chemlights and move the CAT so you can actually shoulder your weapon properly.
  11. That is the wrong NVG mount arm, and that guy on the far right looks boot as hell.
  12. You play with no shirt on? Might be smart to "test" it with a cammie top on, and please put some clothes on. There isn't any women on this site, sheesh!
  13. Replica legs are so last year.
  14. I think you need to see a doctor your left knee is a bit crooked.
  15. With the top button buttoned, you look like a recruit.
  16. While I am in no way shape or form a PJ, your impression doesn't scream PJ to me at all. I personally would hold off on buying anything else if you really want to have a cool authentic PJ rig. Look at the pictures in this forum and gather what you would like to go off of. From a member on this forum 13 autumns comments of PJ's can wear what they please as long as it's to get the job done. So you basically have a huge screen to grab gear from. Instead of asking everyone for their opinion, because most of them are going to be get multicam, so and so chest rig and so and so helmet. Look at t
  17. Is that helmet cover on backwards?
  18. Eagle Industries - CIRAS - Plate Carrier with Cummerbund
  19. That's my Oh face He is actually running the new Mayflower "scraps" rig , and thanks
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