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  1. I'm sure I've seen it mentioned that they were just a generic bump lid for when rocking around bases/airports in/on the likes of quads/logistics vehicles/off road buggy etc. There is a good chance that I'm very wrong though.
  2. Wasn't a dig buddy, the weather looks . That field looks almost idential to those around here aswell!
  3. Looks like a normal day in the north of England.
  4. Gotta flip that Manta, has snag point written all over it like that.
  5. Scuffer

    Custom Gear

    When putting screws through soft or flexible materials you should really use washers to increase the surface area of the head and prevent the screw from being pulled through the material or damaging it.
  6. Very nice mate. Any details on brand/upgrade parts and how the red dot is mounted?
  7. Scuffer

    $1K club.

    That can be arranged
  8. Scuffer

    $1K club.

    Matt you need to give me that FCC 416 right now.
  9. Wonder if anybody here can help me with THIS please. Cheers
  10. Link Those and it's a common fix for any others (ICS etc) if the likes of the rubber retaining rings have degraded/been lost or to improve the power.
  11. Looking good guys! Nice to see Stirling spread their high standard of event hosting/blowing stuff up across the EU
  12. Nice work Kojak! The little touches really separate it from the normal Block 2 crowd.
  13. Scuffer

    Custom Gear

    Nice! Think a woody combat set is going to have to be a project for me next year.
  14. This guy knows his *suitcase*. Quick - everybody out of the thread!
  15. That's a 'stock image' (taken on a training op IIRC) which is a few years old. Plenty of forces are using M4 varients (mostly LMTs from the looks of things at the moment) in addition to Sig rifles.
  16. ff - I've only used a clone JPC and had a play about with a gen one for a bit but based on that the APC really doesn't feel any heavier, when worn it's no bulkier either. I put this down to the APC's construction; firstly being 500D which isn't groundbreaking but how it's put together is smart and almost basic in how the various parts are layered. You only have 1 piece of material between you and the plate, the velcro used on the closure/fitting parts is thin (not in a bad way, it still has plenty of bite), the front and rear cummberbund sections are layered on top of the plate pockets reduc
  17. While I don't have one, as far as I am aware they are coming with the correct trades with none of the normal Umarex guff.
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