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  1. Oh dear, might have just bought a CNC mill... Now I need to find space for it..

    1. Bando


      heh thats quite an impulse purchase


    2. Rob15


      Indeed, 2 weeks ago I wasn't even considering buying one, delivery alone is £350 + VAT :o

  2. Apparantly not VFC. If only we could ban everyone but GHK from designing gas magazines....
  3. Problem with that all steels aren't the same and I'm sure I've said it before but the magnet test that airsofters often use doesn't indicate a part is entirely made from steel, just that it might have some iron or steel content (or other magnetic metal), it's no great indicator of the quality of the metal or it's hardness. It's also worth remembering that not all steels are magnetic, I recently did a subcontract job where I had to use stainless steel bearings in an assembly and to make sure no plain steel bearings had got mixed in by the supplier I used a magnetic base to check them. I wou
  4. Did you ask if they'd definately ship a RIF to the UK before placing the order? Offering a two tone service doesn't mean they will still send a rif (I say still as they obviously have done in the past) to the UK, realistically a two tone gun is a less risky item to send with the only requirement for purchase being over 18, sending a rif is a risk because for all they know the UKARA number could be fake or expired and with PayPal they could easily lose the money and the goods, plus time of dealing with the order, infact ehobby list the United Kingdom as a 'High Risk' shipping destination these
  5. I can't, that's an admin job, not a moderator job so one for Arnie to look at. I suspect the amount of people who don't want any sales section access are a tiny minority though so it may well be simpler to set your post count to 0 or negative so you no longer see anything from those sections.
  6. eBay is just getting worse, apparantly now "M4" is a banned term and using it will get a listing removed... Well that rules out virtually every airsoft accessory/part then...

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    2. renegadecow


      What if I were looking for 4mm metric screws i.e. "M4" screws?!? I really like buying uselss ###### on Ebay, but this is just ridiculous.

    3. TheFull9


      Bloody hell... so much face in so much palm.. morons..

    4. Apex


      What a bunch of asshats.


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  7. I completely agree to be honest, I think a drop to 50 posts would be reasonable to try and create a bit more of a draw to forums, especially now there is a trend to have specific facebook owners groups for different guns and people on forums direct others to them for info now rather than making use of the forums they're already on... As you said earlier in the thread, the blatant spammers (scammers?) have always been easy to spot, all the ones that come to mind were spotted before they even got to 50 posts and were the classic sign up, post, take money then run sort which is what the limit
  8. Oh dear, may have just bought a new CNC lathe... Time to start reading the manual >_<

    1. hitmanNo2


      Make, all the things.

    2. Rob15


      That's the plan, but I've got to get it delivered, connected to power and tooled up first... and learn how to use the control first :P

  9. I'm suprised no one has replied to this yet :S I have played with a suppressor on a pistol, to be more specific one of my own carbon fibre suppressors that weighs 32g (no suprises there) on my old KWA G19 and it cycles fine with it on. If you're worried about the weight reducing performance then the simple solution is to buy a light weight suppressor if it's going on a pistol that is sensitive to the weight of them.
  10. Ditto, had no idea they'd got a licence for the B&T trades! I'd have thought they'd have made quite a thing about it, plus they do actually look decent unlike a lot of trademarks such as the ones on Classic Army G3s. I guess the TM spec lowers must be compatible with ICS uppers but not the other way around though.
  11. Nor did I, my ICS MP5 has a serial number engraved on the side of the mag well iirc. I think it must be a Classic Army upper though since ICS lowers are not TM spec/design whereas the CA ones are and do have B&T trades.
  12. Both of these posts are really getting ahead of themselves I think, the AEG version hasn't been released so we don't know which is superior and we don't know a single thing about the gearbox it'll have so we can't say it's an AEP. Aside from that, AEP means automatic electric pistol, the KRISS isn't a pistol therefore it cannot be one.
  13. I'd guess no blowback (in theory) reduces demand for metal kits, people tend to like metal GBB pistols because they think the slide will crack if it's plastic and they use green gas/propane.
  14. It's amazing how impatient some airsofters are, allowing just 5 working days for international delivery with standard airmail and threatening to lesve neg feedback if they don't get a refund today... Makes me want to just give up and get a regular job :/

    1. RSM


      Honestly speaking these days I don't care how long something takes to get to me as long as I know up front what the likely time from order to despatch is and the lead time based on current postal nonsense e.g. if I order something from WGC, as long as I know it's in transit I'll binge on Netflix till PF demands some money off me.

    2. Azubi


      Bellends everywhere.

    3. renegadecow


      Hell, I'd be plum happy just being assured whatever I pay for actually gets to me.

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  15. A stock TM is pretty worn after 1000rnds? What are you doing to poor defenceless TM pistols! 1000rnds is only 40 P226 mags worth of shots, I'd be expecting to put a lot more through one with suitable gas for the temperature before seeing any real wear.
  16. I'd say there was a 50/50 chance it was posted or mentioned in IRC, I remember he did try the metal slide on the TM Mk23 and I know it was a pre-S7 KSC Mk23 with aftermarket slide as it was well before KWA started selling them with the upgrade to NS2 so I certainly wouldn't assume that the newer slides would fit if the old one did. Ideally you'll have a friend with a KSC/KWA Mk23 of any era who'd be willing to try swapping it to confirm it fits or not, but I'd guess that's not the case and given the cost of aftermarket Mk23 slides I wouldn't risk buying one on the chance it does fit myself
  17. In short, no. Long answer, Hissing_Sid tried a metal slide (probably SD) from his pre-S7 era KSC Mk23 on his TM Mk23 and from what I recall it did fit, not sure if there were any fitment issues with the internals but it's your best bet I'd say. The clone Mk23 fixed slide/NBB is all plastic much like the TM, although the quality always left a lot to be desired even when compared to the TM which isn't exactly amazing.
  18. When they originally came out there was a batch/batches with poor efficiency, it wasn't uncommon and I got a TM P226 soon after it came out, didn't even manage one mag before the spring blew out the back of the flow valve and sent it into full auto, so yes, some truth to it but it was so long ago and seemed to be an issue in such a limited space of time people have forgotten about it and it's not something to worry about now.
  19. What's to do? Broken nozzles on the old spring tri-shots don't seem be that common, certainly nothing like issues with these newer gas shotguns and when I have heard of issues with them it's usually sounded like the user has slam-fired, tried to force jammed BBs or it was just a very well used shotgun. Spares are available anyway, and before someone says "I'd like an aftermarket metal nozzle", most people would like one of those, very few would like the price tag that'd come with one. http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-cylinder-for-spas-12--m3-super-90-series
  20. For those who've bought one of these Evike has some OEM Marushin spares available now, not a big range but given how uncommon Marushin spares are it's good to see some for sale. http://www.evike.com/search/?search_in_description=1&sort=3a&keywords=marushin+5-7&x=0&y=0
  21. I've got a very small finished batch anodised, packaged and ready to go but as always seems to happen all the work has come at once including sorting out a new website to replace my soon to be closed down existing one which is due to be 'finished' very soon, I'll drop you a PM once I have them listed to order
  22. The MP7 nozzle issues seem to be a limited problem and one that was caused by a manufacturing defect rather than a design flaw, Demoncase wrote a long post what about probably caused it during the injection moulding process in the MP7 review thread and from what I know about injection moulding it seemed spot on. With the MP7 nozzles what we don't know is if TM produced the mould and parts themselves or if it was subcontracted out, if it was subbed out (which is entirely possible) then it might be the fault of the manufacturer of the mould, although TM are still responsible for tracking dow
  23. It's one gun and a varient of it with what does seem to be a design flaw, not exactly worth slamming the entire TM range over, they are still doing better than most other manufacturers on the new product design and overall reliability front. These M870s seem to have the most complex internal system of any of their modern releases so it's not too suprising it's got issues, earlier comments about it being better if it just had 3 shot or 6 shot mode and no selector seem to have merit though, I think keeping it simpler would have been better.
  24. £279 does include 20% VAT though, 16.66% of the retail price goes straight to revenue and customs and retailers will have to pay some duty on importing them. Quite often when I look at the difference in price between buying something from HK and the same thing from a UK shop the only difference in price is the VAT, given that I mainly buy for R&D purposes these days I just buy from UK shops reclaim the VAT and not have to worry about having to pay it on import, then reclaiming it back, paying duty to the EU and a clearing fee to the courier ontop.
  25. Snap caps would be a safer option too I'd have thought.
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