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  1. Nice gear dude. It's very 'the division'.
  2. The TMC FG JPC pretty much Is grey to be honest.
  3. Had to fight the urge to correct a few Errors there.. Anyway, I've never even heard of this company, and after reading this- I certainly won't be buying from them. This Iain sounds like a complete turd.
  4. I loooove the shotguns in these pics, so sexy.
  5. Suspenders aren't ever necessary if you have your belt adjusted correctly. Bug they do help. I use a Specter gear suspenders set.
  6. Awesome. I have bits of black tape on my kit which annoys me greatly. You have a link at all? EDIT: found a load on Amazon
  7. I'm in the same position regarding photobucket myself. I have been usingy account for a good decade with thousands of pics on there but the site really is getting on my nerves now. I don't have the heart to move on just yet.
  8. Potentially. Keep me in mind if you sell.
  9. Ivan- every time I see one if your kits, I miss my FAPC
  10. And try and arrange a meet up someplace North next time I'm gutted A dew of us missed this due to the bookings cock-up next time though maybe!
  11. Lies, we eat fruit and nut dairy milk often!!
  12. Shardik

    Custom Gear

    I like that. A lot! Perfect if you want to back sling a shotgun/rifle.
  13. I vary when and how I use my foregrip too.
  14. It looks cool... Plus it's a resident evil thing.
  15. Interesting. Ill admit I don't know an awful lot about UR-tactical. Do you have a link I could check out?
  16. I'm genuinely tempted to have a pair of Crye style gen2s made in Grey. I tried Flimmuur, he's busy. Anyone know another custom gear company to try?
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